READER: System is corrupted and corroded up to its core and it is working like this for long. Even people are habitual to it and somewhere in their conscience they have accepted it and corrupted themselves. What do you think?

EDITOR: Whenever any man, material, money, market or methods get rusted/corroded/ corrupted to its core, it is the time of its departure, a self-annihilation or a wait for sufficient jerk which can cause the rusted to break into numerous pieces. Certainly when they say that devil/evil pot has become full (Pap ka ghada bhar gaya hai) or overflowing, it indicates that time has come that it gets broken. Who will break this? How will it be broken are the questions which time will tell. It can be you too, and your methods, but one thing is certain that time for its departure is approaching quickly.

A desire can easily be seen among the masses and an undercurrent can be felt within the spiritual circle to have government, based on natural laws where in the government and its system is working on the principle of mutual trust and respect rather than simply manger and menagerie or ruler and ruled, i.e. to have a government which has divinity in their dealing with its citizen.

It can be observed that the spiritual leaders are working simultaneously in three ways, first is to let people know and understand why following the Nature and natural laws are best for individual, family, society and countries, second is to show, by personal example, how we can follow Nature and natural laws on day to day basis and then third is to imbibe people and institutions to practice these natural/divine principles in daily life, in dealing with self, family, society and environment as a whole.

READER: Do you then consider that a desire for Divincracy (Divine Democracy) is being created among us?

EDITOR: Faith and desire for Divincracy (Divine Democracy) is innate in everybody, but it is these spiritual masters who are making us aware of changes. Spiritual masters who follow Nature are among the first to sense the changes taking place in Nature, and then of course it is their duty as well as privilege to tell us about the changes and prepare us for changes taking place or going to take place.

READER: That surely is not the case. People feel that these are citing the old and impracticable testaments to create their own identity and become popular; they are ceaselessly narrating the life and work of prophets, god and goddess like parrot.

EDITOR: That opinion is not justified. Many of the religious masters are giving references from old and sacred testimonial for easy understanding of the facts and figures and many of the religious gurus are showing facts and figures by their own personal examples. Ram Krishna Paramhans, Maharishi Raman, Raj Chandra, Rajneesh (Osho) etc. are few of the contemporary real life masters for mankind to understand and imitate feelings of international brotherhood/sisterhood.

READER: Those whom you consider to be well-wishers of mankind are not such in my estimation, giving sermons and sitting in the ashram with few disciples cannot make them pillars of changes in the system of governance?

EDITOR: These masters have dedicated their lives to the service of humanity; it is the respected who have shown us why good is good and why irreligiousness doesn’t work. The tree doesn’t grow in a day. The removal of root from the tree brings down entire shoot, so if you do not want to hear about well doors of humanity, shows that for you at any rate Divincracy is difficult or far away even though the desire for Divincracy is innate in you. These spiritual masters will always command my respect and salutation and we will continue to follow dictates of divinity.

READER: I can appreciate your views on these spiritual masters that without them we should probably not have the spirit that fires us, but how can the same be said of those who say that we have to learn a great deal from different religions, different working system of governance like Communism, Capitalism. Democracy and their mix before we talk of Divincracy, we feel bewildered by these statements.

EDITOR: Only those who have kind heart and mature thought are capable of ruling the world and commanding their respect and not the hasty tempered. I trust whatever these men of understanding do; they do with holy motive and with a view to spread love and harmony amongst the mankind as well as in the environment.

Different religions are region specific and different systems are seasons specific, with the growing conversations and convergence, distances and differences are fast disappearing, it is becoming increasingly necessary to study all the religions and working system and revalidates them for the further abuse and use.

Whatever these men of understanding say, are not to flatter or flirt, but an announcement, to save us from destruction and prepare us for construction.

It is also submitted that before arriving at some conclusion it will be better if you refer excerpts on spiritual masters/people who are busy in awakening/enlighten the masses and can be called Bharat and can be considered as Natural Leader of the World from Mita-Life Style Agenda: Bharat: The Natural Leader of the World
BHARAT (BHA + RAT), BHA- LIGHT, FLAME, ENERGY, RAT- BUSY, i.e. busy in Enlightenment, (its white Aura contains every Colour of Life).
Bharat is a natural leader of the world. It is necessary for Bharat to behave as a natural leader of the world in all its vibrancy and dynamism, to remain healthy happy and holy, and setting examples for others to follow.
Chaos or catastrophe may happen if Bharat does not behave as leader.
Bharat understands that the path to leadership is via heart to head, via mental makeup to physical action, via words, acts and deeds. Bharat in the past maintained it and will follow the same path.
Visionaries are the natural leaders. Visionary foresee then discloses it, and shows the Goal, and we understand that Goal attracts and also shows the path for its achievement.
We will have to respect the visionaries, sages, seers and Sufis and must follow their orders to remain happy, healthy and holy. It is a different story that such classes’ commands respect and never feel hungry for respect.
Highest planning, execution and coordination body will have to continuously seek the blessings of all such sages, seers, and Sufis (living in isolation or in family) and act and behave in the ordered way for the overall wellbeing.
The orders of Seers, Sages and Sufis will have to have overriding power from all existing laws. This is must to maintain dynamism and sustenance of natural leadership (as these orders come directly from Nature in advance and are different in calamities, war, and festivities).
Leader is an institution, shaped by circumstances, blessed by sages, backed by masters, promoted by intelligentsia, moves through followers and works for the common destiny of canvas. This is a structured phenomenon and works in this fashion only. Any variation leads to catastrophe and must be avoided at all cost. Single person institution is a rarity and is a monopoly like ‘Krishna’.

READER: Are we then, to follow these masters in every respect.
EDITOR: You need not to follow. Masters, Ask us to be conscious, listen to one’s own conscience, all the great works are performed by the people who understand who have, faith, courage to stand, mind to plan and heart to co-operate and sacrifice.

Our main purpose is to bring larger freedom and we will never ask you or anybody to follow us, rather we dislike when somebody follows us. What is required is to be goal oriented, ready to cooperate and work collective work.

READER: I now begin to understand your meaning. I shall have to think the matter over, what do you say about other people?

EDITOR: The same rule holds well, doesn’t matter if Eastern or Western, whether it is Oriental or Occidental County, we are talking of Bharat but it holds good for other societies and countries as well.

Being foreigner does not mean enemy; they are just delayed friends and relatives. When they will co-operate with us, they will also get benefitted in the process by improving their system.

READER: Foreigners support and the Divincracy are appearing to be two contradictory things. How can the foreign forces tolerate Divincracy, when western feel that democracy itself is a system which discard divinity at the outset? When you have shown, how we can have Divincracy, perhaps I shall understand your views; however you have prejudiced me against you by discoursing on foreign co-operation.

EDITOR: That you are prejudiced against us is not a matter of much anxiety. These spiritual masters brought people closer from different parts of the world. They say that the Divincracy will be the better government and whether we like it or not, it is going to be an order of tomorrow. These spiritual masters gave up a foretaste of Divincracy.

Before we proceed further we would like you to refer a topic of ‘Government’ from Mita –Life style agenda:

Nothing is accidental, coincidental or incidental rather everything is sequential. As the paradigm of Nature is so vast that most events and processes appear accidental, coincidental or incidental, but for those who vibrate with Nature; everything from birth to death to rebirth is sequential and is just a pastime.
Those who do, and those who do not, experiment of the nature and experiment in the nature, all are part of evolution of nature.
In the recorded history, government, which started from pure Anarchy, leads to Archery, form Archery to group Archery, from physical Archery to physical and mental Archery from Archery to Arch ship then to princely Aristocracy. From princely Aristocracy to princely draconian ship to princely dictatorship, from individual dictatorship to collective dictatorship, from collective dictatorship to demon-cracy and from demon-cracy to demonstrable-aristocracy i.e. Democracy and from this demonstrable Aristocracy (Democracy) in better time, government will have divinity in democracy finally in the form of Divine Aristocracy.
At present, on earth, every form of Government exists; in smaller to larger level and is in the evolving stage. Bharat in real sense is moving from the stage of demon-cracy to demonstrable aristocracy (democracy), has to lead itself and the world for future which will have divinity in democracy (not priestly aristocracy) as a form of Government.

READER: In a similar situation Mr. Gandhi has written in Hind Swaraj that:
The Congress brought together Indians from different parts of India and enthused us with the idea of nationality. The Government used to look upon it with disfavour. The Congress has always insisted that the Nation should control revenue and expenditure. It has always desired self-government after the Canadian model. Whether we can get it or not, whether we desire it or not, and whether there is not something more desirable, are different questions.

All I have to show is that the Congress gave us a foretaste of Home Rule. To deprive it of the honour is not proper, and for us to do so would not only be ungrateful, but retard the fulfillment of our object. To treat the Congress as an institution inimical to our growth as a nation would disable us from using that body.
What is your view on above statement of Mr. Gandhi?”

EDITOR: Above are Mr. Gandhi’s view on his political party - Congress and I do not wish to comment upon his understanding of Congress party, but for nationality I would like to quote Mr. We the people Gandhi himself from different chapter of this book itself(Hind Swaraj) which suggest that India is not an idea of nationality but it is reality:
1) I hold this to be a mistake. The English have taught us that we were not one nation before and that it will require centuries before we become one nation. This is without foundation. We were one nation before they came to India. One thought inspired us. Our mode of life was the same. It was because we were one nation that they were able to establish one kingdom.

2) I do not wish to suggest that because we were one nation, we had no differences, but it is submitted that our leading men travelled throughout India either on foot or in bullock carts. They learned one another’s languages and there was no aloofness between them. What do you think could have been the intention of those farseeing ancestors of ours who established Setubandha (Rameshwar) in the South, Jagannath in the East and Haridwar in the North as places of pilgrimage? You will admit they were no fools. They knew that worship of God could have been performed just as well at home. They taught us that those whose hearts were aglow with righteousness, had the Ganges in their own homes. But they saw that India was one undivided land so made by nature. They, therefore, argued that it must be one nation. Arguing thus, they established holy places in various parts of India, and fired the people with an idea of nationality in a manner unknown in other parts of the world. And we Indians are one as no two Englishmen are. Only you and I and others who consider ourselves civilized and superior persons imagine that we are many nations.

When Mr. Gandhi writes like (before entering into Indian political scenario): ‘All I have to show is that the Congress gave us a foretaste of Home Rule. To deprive it of the honour is not proper, and for us to do so would not only be ungrateful, but retard the fulfillment of our object. To treat the Congress as an institution inimical to our growth as a nation would disable us from using that body’. This shows Mr. Gandhi’s intention to work with Congress and this can be considered normal as every person desirous to join certain political party or group praises that group left and right. For me foretaste of Indian nationality (in recent History) was given much before by Ramakrishna Paramhans, Rani Lakshmi Bai and many others in 1857 itself.

Persons who try to use or feel like using other person or group are basically get used by others and then dumped, what is appreciated is cooperation to receive or to give.

READER: We would like to draw your attention on the following excerpts of Hind Swaraj of Mr. Gandhi:
QST: I seems to me that you simply want to put me off by talking round and round. Those whom you consider to be well-wishers of India are not such in my estimation. Why, then, should I listen to your discourse on such people? What has he whom you consider to be the Father of the Nation done for it? He says that the English Governors will do justice and that we should cooperate with them.

ANS: I must tell you, with all gentleness that it must be a matter of shame for us that you should speak about that great man in terms of disrespect. Just look at his work. He has dedicated his life to the service of India. We have learned what we know from him. It was the respected Dadabhai who taught us that the English had sucked our life-blood. What does it matter that, today, his trust is still in the English nation? Is Dadabhai less to be honoured because, in the exuberance of youth, we are prepared to go a step further? Are we, on that account, wiser than he? It is a mark of wisdom not to kick away the very step from which we have risen higher. The removal of a step from a staircase brings down the whole of it. When, out of infancy, we grow into youth, we do not despise infancy, but, on the contrary, we recall with affection the days of our childhood. If, after many years of study, a teacher were to teach me something, and if I were to build a little more on the foundation laid by that teacher, I would not, on that account, be considered wiser than the teacher. He would always command my respect. Such is the case with the Grand Old Man of India. We must admit that he is the author of nationalism.

QST: You have spoken well. I can now understand that we must look upon Mr. Dadabhai with respect. Without him and men like him, we should probably not have the spirit that fires us. How can the same be said of Professor Gokhale? He has constituted himself a great friend of the English; he says that we have to learn a great deal from them, that we have to learn their political wisdom, before we can talk of Home Rule. I am tired of reading his speeches.

ANS: If you are tired, it only betrays your impatience. We believe that those, who are discontented with the slowness of their parents and are angry because the parents would not run with their children, are considered disrespectful to their parents. Professor Gokhale occupies the place of a parent. What does it matter if he cannot run with us? A nation that is desirous of securing Home Rule cannot afford to despise its ancestors. We shall become useless, if we lack respect for our elders. Only men with mature thoughts are capable of ruling themselves and not the hasty- tempered. Moreover, how many Indians were there like Professor Gokhale, when he gave himself to Indian education? I verily believe that whatever Professor Gokhale does, he does with pure motives and with a view to serving India. His devotion to the Motherland is so great that he would give his life for it, if necessary. Whatever he says is said not to flatter anyone but because he believes it to be true, we are bound, therefore, to entertain the highest regard for him.

What do you say on above conversation and few other prominent things attached to him:

1. A fact that Country has given status of Father of nation to Mr. Gandhi, which Mr. Gandhi has himself given it to Mr. Dada Bhai Naroji,
2. Through above conversation, it seems to me that you simply want to put me off by talking round and round’, does Mr. Gandhi really appear to be talking in that strain?,
3. Photograph of Mr. Gandhi on each and every currency note of India?,
4. Three monkeys of Mr. Gandhi.

EDITOR: Point-wise reply is as below:
(1) I do not know what to call them: at one place they say Bharat-Mata and at another place they confer such titles as Father of the Nation to the great children of Bharat Mata. India has used the term great son ‘for Mahavir, Gautama Buddha, Nanak, Kabir etc. and we do feel the same is to be used for others.
It appears that the term ‘father’ being used in Churches has been copied here. Calling all respectable, religious as well as an old lady ‘Mata Ji’ (mother) and calling respectable religious person as father is unnecessary and need to be reviewed.

(2) We find it difficult to appreciate why Mr. Gandhi has manipulated the words or used indirect methods to present his points, his presentation appears like lawyer present his case in the court to justify his points not only to protect his client but more so to project his views,

(3) Photographs in currency note used to be of King/Queen who feels themselves powerful or their servant/minister wanted them to be projected as powerful but such imprint perishes however photo of Nature remains forever and liked by everyone, and this Photograph of Mr. Gandhi on each and every currency note of India need to be reviewed.

(4)Can one be happy if he sees evil, listens evil/bad and speak bad? No, these indicated as monkey closing their senses; eyes, ears and mouth respectively to indicate- do not see evil/bad, do not listen evil/bad and do not speak bad.

Question arises can one be happy if he/she does evil/bad, or party to doing bad/evil? Answer is yes and no; this is most important thing where most of us miss, but this is the area where master starts by saying- be conscious, let’s use our conscience, Use, don’t close, be alert, be active and be aware.

-Love for Mr. Gandhi, is continuing not just because of his stature but more so because people like to keep his Photographs in pocket as currency note of India. Mr. Gandhi considered being the epitome of peace and non-violence whereas money is considered to be the forces of violence and peace, a basic contradiction in the rhythm of country. This issue needs to be addressed to avoid contradiction.