READER: From your views I gather that you would like new political/Rajnetic parties to come up. You appear to be neither an extremist nor a moderate, neither a leftist nor a rightist or even trying to appear a centrist?

EDITOR: Certainly new Rajnetic/political parties have to come. What is important that extremist and moderate who hold the humanity at the top come together? As far as we are concerned we will continue to do our basic karma, following basic dharma to restore the glory of Bharat, to have Divincracy (Divine Democracy) based on basic tenets of Dharma the Sanatan in India and at international level.

READER: What, then, would you say to all the above?

EDITOR: (A) Extremist, are also human being, some times more good than an ordinary human being, they are ready to relinquish their life for happy future of their near and dear, I submit to them that love is the basic for sustenance and Dharma is the best guide, Allah/Brahma loved not the aggressor, Nature have not created the lion to kill for fun.

(B) We would submit to moderate that in place of sitting in drawing room, organising seminar, giving sermons, resting at home and doing nothing is good. Mere speaking, making public more frustrated, enhancing helpless and hopelessness among public against dictatorship and carelessness of the ruler class will yield very little or no result.

Moderate must work toward setting an example to demonstrate others that promoting consumerism which causes uneven growth in the whole world, is a mistake.
- In this work of setting Divincracy all extremists, moderates, mahatma, elite and ordinary have to join hands. Further we would like to submit the followings:

(1) We should devote our energy to remove the hunger and anarchy from society. We should have devoted our time and energy to take care of people, to minimize their spending and optimize the use of available resources in place of looting the world wealth and feeding few citizens making them more fatty, lazy and lusty. Instead of father’s day, mother’s day, friend’s day and thanks giving day (to observe the mourning), we should have set in the example of thankful society.

(2) Our utter disregard to humanity and environment has resulted in miserable life and increased problem in many countries, but if we follow Dharma, we will not only reverse the damages but will also be able to cooperate in creating living paradise on earth.

(3) Folks say: Do not do anything in the day which disturbs your sleep in the night and do not do anything in night wherein you need to hide your face in the morning or not able to see your face in the mirror or show your face to other (because of guilt). What is needed is to encourage and facilitate the honest and strong to take the center stage and disseminate the message that how goodness is good to one and all

- We need to be in Harmony/rhythm: Harmony/rhythm with self, in the family, in the society and country, respecting contribution of each, every member and every section in the society as per their ability and capability. With this Divincracy will be here for each and every section of society.

READER: How will you perceive people to connect with Divincracy?

EDITOR: As We listen to our heart and bother about the Services like food security, social security, health and hygiene, education and basic training of act of living and art of living, local administration and justice, shelters for visitor and destitute, entertainment and other day to day requirement and like these services to be available easily and Divincracy ask these services has to dealt through religious institution (Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, Churches, Monastery etc.) which is again central to mankind. This is what people want and as such people will not feel disconnected with Divincracy.

For all these services Divincracy ask people to contribute as per dharma. Efforts have to be to strengthen the society (which has become more or less a non-entity in current administrative set- up, where in government trying to connect with each and every individual (as an economic identity, as if government is set up to run the business) ) which will reduce load on the government, so that the national government can concentrate on broader issues e.g. foreign policy, defense/war, disaster management and other national services. Government taxes on income need not to be more than twelve percent.

READER: Mr. Gandhi has talked about Gram Swaraj; that can be a solution to problem of safety and security of villages and other ills in and of the villages, what your view is, this can be a part of set up in Divincracy?

EDITOR: There appears to be fascination with the word Swaraj, first Mr. Gandhi in 1908 coined the word Hind Swaraj then in 1921 has settled for the parliamentary Swaraj then in his entourage to the India he used the word Gram Swaraj knowing fully well that only one type of raj can function. Further it may be noted that villages Mr. Gandhi is talking about, with the rise in population has now been converted into block if not town, and what you or current generation is talking about villages were basically run away hamlets of fifty to two hundred people inside the jungle, these hamlets with the span of hundred fifty year and broadening of rail and road network are appearing to be villages.

People questions will Swaraj in itself is not sufficient for the country. Now what is needed is to have ingredients in increasing order of the Divincracy so as to have basic faith and respect among the citizens.

About Mr. Gandhi Gram Swaraj one thing which is worth noticing is a comment by Shri Vinoba Bhave who wrote in the back cover of book Gram Swaraj “ that in future there will be only villages unit and world government, countries or state may remain as mere operating unit”.

READER: We would like to know more on your statement (from Mita) that “We will have to encourage the place of worship to add further responsibility, in an integrative way and has to accommodate in its fold Dharmshala, Path-Shala, Pakshala, Vyayamshala, gaushala, aarogyashala beside jyotish and nagar prabhandhan (i.e. place of stay for bona-fide guest of community, school, lunger/community food, gymnasium, and cow center, hospital besides astrology and city governance body) and has to be source of inspiration, aspiration and local administration, without any discrimination and in total Dharma Nirpeksha way”, Whereas, you will appreciate that these works are either taken directly by government or by NGO’S (non-governmental organization, funded by government and people).

EDITOR: For this we request you to refer the topic of Trust and NGO, from Mita-Life Style Agenda:


All societies of world over select government for general security and large-scale activities. The same society selects the group of people who make trust, make place of worships, which deals with people’s day-to-day chores and other problems. It is the people’s collective wisdom to form the government and also segregated yet collected, wisdom to make trust, arrange facilities, make place of worship. Forming government is its bigger necessity/compulsion, whereas making trust, temples, and mosques are its heart desires. Rajniti/ politics is a super structure built on basic faith and facilities.
Paying tax to the government is its compulsion, whereas contributing in temples and mosque is its magnanimity, and we all know the value of each one. We understand that head is the government and heart is the temple, mosque, undermining any one or overpowering one by other, causes disturbance and in the long run it leads to societal infertility.
In the colonial past, to sideline the society, first the concept of welfare state was pronounced and then these temples and mosques were made defunct for social activities, later on the stage has come where temple and trust were reduced to places for few karmkands/ rituals and begging from almighty/Allah.
Still, in spite of making temples, mosque defunct, people’s faith/ heart cannot be removed; and people continue to contribute to the temple/mosques. By seeing the large earning of these religious places, few typical suggestions are coming that this should be taxed. Does government pay tax to anybody? Yes when it is enslaved, similarly if Government wants to enslave its own society than only it should resort to taxation on temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, etc and trusts.
N.G.O. (Non Governmental Organization), which was introduced as a showoff, to take up these social responsibilities and activities of temples, mosques and trusts have not been proven and will not, in Bharat as well as elsewhere in the world, be it UK, or USA. Purpose of introduction of N.G.O. was just showoff. When so called welfare governments failed in its effort to provide real welfare to its masses it will be too much to expect any real thing from NGO except the showoff.
1. We have to see that the temple, Mosque, Gurudwara etc. remain free from any taxation activity, every Mandir/Masjid need to form trust and become center of activities for the larger society.
2. We have to see that places of worship play larger role in the society building, as faith play larger role in people’s working. For betterment Govt. will have to reduce tax on individual so that their head and heart functions normally and they contribute equally to government and trusts temple, mosque, Gurudwara etc.
3. Expecting more from N.G.O. after witnessing Tsunami, earthquakes in Asia and series of cyclone in United States will be detrimental to betterment. N.G.O. activities will have to be assigned to the temple, Mosque, Gurudwara etc. as we can see that twenty lakh N.G.O. were not sufficient to raise the status of five lakh villages in Bharat. NGO need to be screened and restricted.
4. General tax has to be reduced, tax rebate on contribution to N.G.O. need to be stopped. it will also reduce white-collar manipulation with tax. Hundred percent tax rebates need to be only for national relief fund.
5. Foreign contribution (in and out) to NGOs and trusts, temples, mosques etc. if any has to be through parliament/government only.
- International fraternity in due course of time will adopt the above.

READER: Do you feel confident that Divincracy will be liked by the riches and the powerful and they will also consider Divincracy as the best form of government for them as well?

EDITOR: Yes. Best part of life or love life/play is when somebody loves you and you are watching them loving you (and not hate you). Happiness is the only life sustaining force.

It may be possible that neo riches (persons whom richness is new found notion) may not appreciate it initially, but they too will like it if remain rich for twenty five years (i. e. duration of one complete Ashram).

READER: What can be the expectation of poor, helpless and destitute in Divincracy (Divine Democracy)?

EDITOR: ‘Jinka koi nahi unka to khuda hai yaro’, Divincracy (Divine Democracy) has been come out from the basis of-mutual faith and respect with spirituality as its base. To be precise at least they can expect Services like food security, social security, health and hygiene, education and basic training, local administration and justice, shelters for visitor and destitute, entertainment and other day to day requirement through religious institution (Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, Churches, Monastery etc.) for free.

READER: What can be the mechanism to choose person to represent the system and head the system? How to find out the representatives for Divincracy (Divine Democracy)?

EDITOR: In Ashram Vyavastha they say after forty eight-fifty years of age when one enter into the age of Banprastha Ashram (or reaches at the age of Banprastha) can said to be available for social, political, judicial etc. work, and continue to remain so till he enter into the Sanyas Ashram (seventy two years- seventy five years plus) and hence representative has to be in the age of (forty eight-seventy two years - or –fifty-seventy five years -).

Further to choose someone for some job, a process can be- to nominate self-i.e. self-proclaimed leader or of selection or election. It has been observed that to a certain level selection of candidate/representative gives best result but at upper level process of selection and election has to be combined, i.e. first selecting few than election of one amongst them.

On this issue you are requested to refer excerpts from various topics (Secular Vis-À-Vis Dharma Nirpekshta, Rajniti (Politics), People Who Join Rajniti (Politics), Value Based Politics, So Called Criminalisation Of Politics, Rajneetic (Political) Power, Alliance And Top Leaders, Law, Order and OATH) from Mita- Life Style Agenda:


Bharatiya Dharma Nirpekshata has been derived from Dharma Grantha where Nirpeksha means Dharma which is non relational i.e. not sapeksh/relational to Hindu, not sapeksh to Muslim, not to Buddhist, not to Christian not to Jews and not sapeksh to x, y, z. Nirpeksha is opposite to the Sapeksh. Bharat says dharma is ‘Sanatana’ and it includes all Religion in its fold, whereas the word secular causes a little bit of confusion as it means non religious and fully money oriented government. There is no exact word in English for Dharma Nirpeksha.
Dharma Nirpeksha means total religious or fully religious. Bharat as a Dharma Nirpeksha country indicates a fully dharmic (religious) country and it can be called as ’Bharat - Dharma Rastra, Bharat – Religious Country’.
The name “Bharat” (Bha –light, and rat –busy) has came after its efforts to enlighten the mankind, by various Sages.
The name ‘Hindustan’ and ‘India’ has been assigned to it by others from the common source ‘Sindhu’:
One stream start calling it ‘Sindhu –Hindu – Hindustan’
While another stream start calling it ‘Sindhu’ – ‘Indu’ – ‘India’
The name, which came out after its work, quality, attitude and behavior is of paramount Importance e.g. Doctor, Jeweler, Builder, Minister in comparison to simple names of persons or cities like Lallu, Kallu, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.
We can easily decide as to how we would like it to be called: Hindustan, India or Bharat.
Bharat gives bright white light, which encompasses all colours of life and lives. Individuals with their colored lens can see in it their desired color, and appreciate it. The word ‘Sanatana’ truly indicates Bharat old and new alike.
Bharat was is and will remain Dharma Nirpeksha (as it is in the blood and marrow of every Bhartiya); so any effort of meddling with it or calling it Secular will cause unhappiness to all of us.
Various on- going interactions (national and international) between Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus of aggression, promotional conversion, adoption of yoga, dhyan, sadhna are indicative of mixing and assimilation and consequently emerging Dharma Nirpeksha (fully religious - Sanatana) world order.
Media a maker of life has to behave as Dharma Nirpeksha.


The word politics has been taken from Greek, which means to police, basically a policing activity: It works under the set norms (law) finalized by some body, and even in difficulty hardly question the sanctity of law. It is static in a dynamic world, or it is like running the government with the set of laws, which might have become dead. So called politics regards law book as sacrosanct and in this working starts after taking oath of law book or constitution. In such scenario judiciary system feels handicapped or extra smart, and public; what to say-feels as heap of masses, unable to do anything, and passes their lives cursing everybody.
Rajniti contrary to politics – is ethics of (Raj) government, and here ethics flows from ecology, environment, Nature, (Niti, Niyamat se Aati Hai) and as such take natural action, remain dynamic, vibrant and lively. We all understand that the word carries energy waves (Sabd Brahm/world/cosmos) and we can attribute many ills of current politics on this very simple account.
Henceforth we have to use the word Rajniti for governance (Politics for police or we may remove this word) and politics as a profession limited to assistant of rajnetic leaders.
English and other languages are growing because of its adaptability, and these languages will adapt this word, which will then pave the way for world community to use this word and get benefited.
Masters and teachers, performers and preachers have to give more attention in it than the so called leaders.


Apart from family tradition and inheritance, it is observed that mostly people of the last wrung in educational merit, join the Politics (profession) and to expect them to perform is too much.
Generally students, initially turn towards better career presently; engineering and doctors then to economics, then to administrative service, then to teaching and research profession, then to self-business and then to people of last wrung which have the balances and an open sky to follow the Jesus saying, “Blessed are those who can stand last in the queue”, Presently such blessed are joining the politics as last option and ruling the entire classes.
1. As everybody wants security of food, cloth and housing and somewhat so called respectable life to lead, so it cannot be possible, except in rarest case, that parents promote and students opt for politics as first profession.
Situation is such alarming that a professor of political science even after teaching for thirty years in university does not find a single student who is in politics profession or doing Rajniti. If a professor of medical college cannot produce doctors, then no one can understand the logic of its continuance. We have to restrict political (science and art) teaching to aspirant politician (Rajnetic) only.
2. Visualizing these facts and trends, government will allow the government employee, (so called trustees of public) to join politics, contest election with an open option to rejoin the government services.
We will have to open training and education centers for Rajniti to improve upon national and international scenario for healthy, happy and holy society.

This term generally being used in political arena, corporate houses, and big multinationals, here they say leadership (politics) should be value based. In most of this area they are undecided that it is the value (ethics, code of conduct), which is important, or leadership is important, generally what value one gives, to the values or to the leadership decide ones course of action. If for one, value is important than it may be possible that for him leadership will become insignificant and may be she/he will sacrifice a lot for maintaining value [Such was the frequent trend during freedom movement]. And if for one, leadership is important, then it is quite obvious that to maintain the leadership s/he will first sacrifice personal values, and then will sacrifice all such values which are causing hindrance to his/ her leadership.
Practicality indicates that some values change as per time and space, (e.g. at war, at peace, at sorrow and at pleasure] region and religion and few values remain perennial. For maintaining perennial values in the society it is best that if leadership is hindrance then leadership also goes. With the blessing of sages new leadership will easily be established which can be asked to work as per the vision and as per the goal maintain perennial values.
1. Person with inborn leadership capability needs to be provided with leadership training for further sharpening her/his talent. For this, leadership colleges need to be opened (which will include subject like Rajniti, politics, business, human resource administration, geography and brief history, glimpses of world religion, our ability and our capability etc.)
2. It is expected and prayed that we will develop and sustain leadership, which emanates from its vision and goal. In order to develop value based leadership, politics and life itself it is necessary to educate and train people on ethics and why and how it is better to be good.
Right from primary school to college level (books on ethics has systematically been removed in British era and surprisingly books on ethics are still absent in entire education system). Books on ethics and Dharma need to be introduced in education system.
3. In corporate sector it is observed that; in continuously failing management theories, family type atmosphere prevailing in industries is still giving good result. It will be best for us to augment the effort of these industries and apply it in our industrial sector and this is bound to give best results for us and best example for others to follow.
4. In political arena, professional politician show sincerity as per their professionalism. But where one sees extra sincerity, generally it emanates from either deep sense of insecurity or overflowing of love. Rajniti (politics) which emanates from deep sense of insecurity creates insecurity in its party organisation and in public, and the Rajniti which emanates from deep sense of commitment and overflowing love creates leaders to sacrifices for goal and to facilitate others.
It is prayed that we see such difference and then choose our path and leader for local, regional, national and international level, and start our journey by strengthening first- self then group, then religion and region and then nation and inter-nation and finally the Dharma the Sanatana.
4 SO CALLED CRIMINALISATION OF POLITICS Power is better than intelligence/conscience.
“One Powerful is feared by hundreds of intelligent( gyani), only powerful can stand on his own feet, By standing on his own feet, he becomes capable of serving the guru, by serving the guru he becomes able to sit with the guru, by sitting with the Guru he becomes listener, thinker, doer and he finally become conscious scientist (vigyani)”.
If one is a criminal what is he doing in the open? Are we not criminal creator by letting him open? Whether the person is criminal minded or one is charged with criminality by opposing the set free criminal? It is better that so called criminals, (but good at heart) take the front seat than working behind and allowing lawyers to justify criminality of white clad
Rajnetic parties will have to see whether one is criminal minded or courageous, and should come forward to take cooperation of such good people. Rajnetic parties will have to restrict ticket distribution to intelligent Rascals and gentlemen bastards.
Efforts should be made to speed up Nyay (justice), and Nyay (justice) will have to see whether he is a forced criminal or just a criminal. Where Valmiki and Angulimal are examples, need we say more?
At least it is for all the powerful persons good at heart, even if they are convicted.


It is widely believed that politics belongs to the cunning, cheater, thug, looter and bluffers etc. If we closely see then we can appreciate such politician never make it to top or even if they make it, remains for very short period as their name arises out of no agreement and as such cannot last long.
It is said that:
1) “Jinko kachhu na chahiye we hi shahanshah”.
Those are heads (Like king), who doesn’t need anything.
It is not that things don’t come to such people, only the innate desire is not there and their actions are not the outcome of desire of money, name and fame. Bharat in its long tradition had many such people in past, have more at present and will have most in future.
2) “Niyat saf to manjil asaan”
When intention is clear, achievement of goal is easier.
Whenever, innocence of purpose backed with deep conviction, perseverance and goal orientation is seen in the leadership, people have shown faith and backed them with its power. In Bharat, Congress never got the kind of support, as in the nineteen hundred eighties, when in its leader people saw innocence, energized face, and appearance of desirelessness yet derives to do things for the country. Whenever such thing appears; people supported it with full fervor, whichever party she/he belongs to or starting with new rajnitic (political) party/group. This is a fact over and above, all the political tools and gimmicks.
3) Samajhdar Kowa Gobar Khaye, Bhola Bhachara Doodh Piye.
(Intelligent crow eats cow dung, Innocent Calf drinks milk).
Highest Power belongs to innocent, yet fearless, forward looking. Government functions when sage’s feet (sandals- Ram ki khadau) lie on the throne, i.e. top leaders are blessed and protected by the power of seers and sages, such leader and government last long spreading all around happiness
. 4) Many parties never get majority or absolute majority because these parties themselves did not think of it. Alliances are made to show their incapability at first hand and weakness at second hand. Government of Alliances is temporary phase until new leadership emerges/come up, which can decide and direct the public to work for common and over-all growth.
5) Proprietorship political party has no scope, private limited political party has very little scope, and limited political party has limited scope whereas top leader with integrative attitude and behaviour will have all the scope for him and his rajnetic (political) organization. And these people take the country and society to higher level i.e. toward dharma.
This is the natural course of journey from jungle raj (where might is right) to concrete jungle (where profit is right, and deception is might) to well structured society and country where goodwill is right and ethics is might.


A famous painting in China and Japan depicts, Zen master burning Dhammapada, a religious book (a sort of law book to Buddhists) of the very Zen master. When one arrives, books, scriptures Dhammapada, Quran, Bible, Guru Granth Sahib, Ramayana, and Gita lose its relevance, or rather person crossed the threshold and arrived. Such people vibrate with Nature and its word becomes the order, and events happen, whether written in law book or not. The people become characterless (i.e. can’t be predefined or predicted) but responsible (Responsibility is the ability of response).
For those who have not arrived, rules and laws are required. Those who are childish, the whole law books are required. Countries, whose law and law books are bigger and bigger, can be regarded as more like child and if books are causing chaos then it can be said that country is in the age of creation of new sets of law book, integrating knowledge and experience. From chaos comes the creation.
Young countries wish to have compactness, firmness, openness, and still desirous of experiencing of its law book.
1. India is currently in a chaotic stage in many areas including law books. If the rules and laws are complicated justice will be reduced, currently we have room full of law books and almost empty handed justice (more than two crores cases are pending in various courts). It is said that ruler have his or her rule or one can say that if rules and law of somebody are operational than it is his rule which is running direct or indirect/proxy, so if British rules are still operational in India than it is clear that it is British which is running the country in an indirect way, We have to bring our own Laws and judicial system if we wanted to call ourselves as independent, free and sovereign country.
2. Government need to promote the discussion, encourage individuals and groups to come out with whole set of laws including constitution, which integrate and express our wisdom and experience
3. Government needs to promote constitution of various committees including of lawyer and judges to study and experience others law, recommendation, and to come out with collective recommendation for people to appreciate and later accept the final recommendation.
4. Apart from law, government will have to promote the public to find out ombudsmen for each block/district, whose word public regards as sacrosanct.
5. Government need continue to interact with global brother and sister for sharing mutual experiences and also to provide platform for expression for the larger good.
The sound of law appears to be of taker la-la, where as Niyam (rule) came from Niyamak, (the almighty), we may use this word in English language as well.


Tantra says those who are in perfect order, if says anything becomes an order, and only those who are in order have the authority to order.
Any systems (even machines), which are not in order, cannot follow orders. Giving order to un-orderly or order given by un-orderly systems and individuals, create further disorder, “There solution supply problems and each new invention create further intervention”
The Statement: “The need is the mother of invention, changes in disorderly system to that need is the baby or daughter of invention”.
Tantra suggests one hundred twelve ways for bringing oneself and system in order. These twelve hundred ways are all-inclusive and contain all process of all religion and all time (past, present and future, and are tested.
1. To execute anything orders are required. When one in order, i.e. when one is in consonance with Nature (environment weather, surrounding and situation) then only orders are followed and as such fulfilled by the human system. When one is not in order, it is rarest that right order can be given and executed by un-orderly or disorderly system. When one is not in order even sneezing cannot take place by any order.
In an orderly system one does not have any stress, strain any barrier of wishes and desires, and it is like perfect electrical system, wherein by switching on, bulb glows, and it is even more so as electrical system also provides energy/power required for the glow.
2. Society is to promote and encourage the process and practice for bringing itself and government in order so that order are respected and followed.
3. Those who are in order will have to take the seat of power, or of guidance, critic or of conscious keeper or all in one. We will have to examine the system and remove the barriers causing disorder. In orderly system people will reject orders, which are not in order and accept which/those are in order.
Let us pray the almighty for us to be in order.


Bhishm Pitamah (Mahabharata time) life indicates how dangerous it is to be tied up with oath.
Many say oaths are taken to break it, and many say oaths are taken to make others believe and then cheat them or get cheated. If at all oath is considered necessary then swearing in the name of god is sufficient.
Generally religion and religious text do not ask us to take any oath. 1. Oath taking ceremony of selected/elected and nominated members is to be replaced with agreement, and self-commitment statement. 2. Taking oath in court has to be stopped without any substitute, as it is self-contradictory.
3. Generally oath-taking functions in school/government sector jobs need to be replaced with self-commitment statement and need to be obligatory. It looks laughable when same oath is repeated year after year e.g. Oath ceremony- against corruption, against terrorism etc, this needs to be stopped with. In place of these oaths self signatory commitment is sufficient.

READER: This appears to be very large order how do you feel concept of Divincracy will be accepted, at local, at national and at international level? When will we all carry it out?

EDITOR: They say ‘yatha munde-tatha brahmande (as one’s head, so is the cosmos)’, thought in my mind is not coming out of blue moon, it must be in the environment, everybody in the earth must be having some glimpses, some indication, some thought/ idea of divineness and fair idea of democracy.

In every wood, fire is there, it only need match stick to ignite it, so it can be matter of time, place and energy of individual or group of individuals that fire remain in local level or regional level or it touches total geography of the earth.

To us, Divincracy appears to be implemented faster than one can ever imagine. As inner desire of Divincracy is in everybody’s heart, only thing, it need to surface up. Collectivity is the buzzword.

We can start right now, let us do our duty, let me do my duty first as a son, as a father, as a brother as a friend toward building the healthy, happy, and holy society.

READER: What you are saying needs redefining of each and every section/segment/span of life and interrelationship in local, national and international perspective, what do you say on it. EDITOR: Mita-Life style Agenda has been placed keeping this perceptive in heart and head, further various question has also been answered on it (and are available on internet).

READER: Do you feel that it (Mita-Life style Agenda) and question, answers (in the form Videos) on it will be sufficient for systematic changes and change of system?

EDITOR: It is an initiation for growth, experts need to elaborate and detail out the treaties on each subjects.

READER: Need for Divincracy (Divine Democracy) is being felt but the people which will conceptualize it and bring it in light are nowhere to be seen. Though, I am aware of Pope, Shankaracharya and other leaders in religion, they are simply, not those who are going to do it anyway. In this world the worst thing that could happen is commercialization of religion and the old religion are so saturated that nothing can be added to them(also because of knowledge flood in the world). The only addition could be in new religion or a brand new religion altogether or a new sect so that new ideas can be introduced into the market. I, seriously, feel that old religion cannot be used to bring about change. There is difference between theory and practicality.

Democracy and communism are good in theory but in practice they both are corrupted. Increasing intelligence of humans, higher rate of money minting and decreasing space for people in world, even now religion is corrupted, so what can you say about Divincracy today, tomorrow, after hundred years and so on, money can corrupt anyone, and we are humans after all.

EDITOR: Your question has two parts and I would like to answer them in two parts:

It is nice to learn that you also felt the need of Divincracy (Divine Democracy) and worried about its modus operandi. To bring about necessary changes you are looking toward the person who are either no more or failed to contain the youth of their own religion. In a way you are looking towards your parents, grandparents i.e. towards the past generation and getting hopeless, whereas I am looking towards you the future generation and hopeful.

Communism has lived its life; democracy (demos-people, cracy- rule) has lived half of its life as demon- cracy and about to complete balance half as demonstrable aristocracy, both of them completing their term in theory as well as in practice. Next form of government is Divincracy (Divine Democracy).

READER: How will be government of Divincracy (Divine Democracy) will be? Or how do you feel Divincracy will be.

EDITOR: It will be as desired or expected by my sons, my daughters i.e., they do not have to bother about unnecessary thing, either for material well-being or for emotional well-being. They do feel that respect of their parents has to be there or their parents work has to be guiding path to them, and at the same time they do feel that their parents has to be there as their watch man- watching and if required correcting or supporting them. They feel that where ever they go they do not find difficulty and as such they want all round growth and development or in clear terms- they want Vasudev Kutumbkam (whole world is my family) feeling to come into being as practical, in practice and not merely as remote concept for sermons.

The Divincracy (Divine Democracy) set up will look like a living paradise on earth with healthy, happy and holy individuals, their family and our society.