Life started in sea, and all wombs during pregnancy period have the fluid composition as that of seawater. All land has water beneath it and all water has land beneath it. There is no scarcity of drinking water; only the Prabandh (management) has to be made. Rights on water of each living and even dead cannot be and will not be jeopardized on account of belongingness to one state/country or other. It is a national/international or rather nature subject.

“Body made by food, food generates/produces by water, water comes from rain, rain comes by yajna, and yajna performed by karma”.
There is no success, to the thought, like conquest of nature or arranging artificial rain. If entire earth becomes round then on it there will be two to three meter water everywhere. For any downward storage similar amount of upward thrust will come in the nearby region, and this is the reason of mountains/hills near the sea. Near the seashore it can be observed that during summer water level in wells reduced/recess on daily/weekly basis and during rainy or cyclonic time water level in well also increases very fast.

1. Making of large dams to be avoided as (consequently large power houses on such dams) they will cause earthquakes in its vicinity and major earthquakes in its opposite side of earth. Electricity production can be done by smaller hydro plant or by having large wind mills erected in and around the sea.

2. Interlinking of rivers will bring the catastrophe (unimagined), which will have to be avoided at all costs. Canals, ponds and water wells have to be made, check dams and rainwater harvesting will have to be encouraged. Ponds can be interlinked. So-called welfare Government found to be inefficient in handling ponds and canal, these canal/ponds has to be given to society.

3. Trees need to be planted not only in Bharat but also in African and Latin American countries etc. This is must for flood control, draught relief as well as for ground water level enhancement and for many other benefits and to set the example for other countries. Flood is causing because of decreasing river bed (in breadth and depth) because of silting/filling of soil coming from hilly area become baron by large scale tree cutting.

4. Nuclear and other arsenal testing in Sea/Ocean has to be completely stopped to avoid Tsunami type re-occurrence.

5. Mushrooming of packaged water (even in household) is a shame for the country; water quality can be improved in fewer amounts than the present turnover of packaged water industries. Desalination plants will have to be encouraged in all areas having salty water. Quality of drinking water, its checking and assurance will have to be divulged to local senior citizens and religious institutions.

6. Research and development may be funded to create medium sized and cheap (affordable) water treatment plants for villages and colonies. For check dams, rainwater harvesting and drip irrigation counseling and support will have to be provided in big way. Rainwater harvesting can easily be in done cities around over bridges, across the road, across the pond/lake/river line compared to so-called rain harvesting drama in single story building.

7. Ganga, Aabe Jam-Jam and Volga water are the better in the world (much better than any packed water of the world) and may be promoted for optimum utilization. To maintain cleanliness of river religious institution has to come forward.

8. Rooftop farming may be promoted using kitchen and other washing water. Household to be promoted to have mini waste recovery water treatment plant for using it in garden for watering, floor and car washing etc. For cleaning purpose thermal power plant ash, multani mitti (muddy sand) household face pack also need promotion along with detergent to maintain cleanliness of rivers, ponds and underground water. Cleaning of utensil by ash may be promoted so that unnecessary chemicals are not added in the discharge water.

9. Any forceful stoppage of irrigation water supply to small farmer by big farmer, smaller country by big country is to be dealt seriously.
Overflow and wastage from one bucket causes another bucket empty. Right on water is equal for every living till the end of river.

Rahiman Pani rakhiye, bin Pani sab sune,
Pani gaye na ubre Moti, Manus, Chun

Rahim says keep water, without water everything is empty/valueless/lifeless,
Without water pearl, floor and men can't come up.