Environment –“Watawaran the cover of air” reflects our living in the same way as our dress and uniform reflect us individually. It is our nature that creates, maintains and sustains the nature and vice versa. As we experiment with the nature, we are also being experimented by the nature in some way or the other.

When environment of any area or planet becomes conducive to life it creates and generates life and when we change the nature and make it difficult for any species, it extinguishes in physical form leaving its energy wave in environment. Whenever environment becomes the same it resurfaces. It is true for the Earth as well as for the Moon and Mars. It follows reversibility in the law of circles and expansion of this circle. It may be possible that this circle completes in a minute or a month or may be millions of years; time depends on where the circle of nature is drawn; if it is within the planet then it takes hundreds to thousands of years and if it is intra-planet it is billions of years.

In the breaking and making of planet and also in the breaking and making of inter-planet and intra-planet atmosphere, hotter particles, hot particles, moderate cool and colder particles join together and form the zone, such zones are connected with varying energy wave. Between two equally strong hot places, perfect vacuum appears and such places are called black hole. Shapes of such holes are like triangle, square, hexagon or circular, and shape depends on a number of equal and opposite heat/energy source. On earth planet it appears as a triangle, and named as Bermuda triangle.

Every planet has its share of solid mass, liquid and gases and shape of planets is always elliptical whereas that of sun is spherical. The movement of planet in solar system follows the path of almost circular line and movement is caused by the slight imbalance between the energies of different solar system, and rotation on its axis is caused by simultaneous heating and cooling of earth (planet) surface. Tides in sea on full moon appear because of energy blocked by moon. This blockage of sun energy by moon also causes some imbalances in human head and those who suffer psychologically on this count are called lunatic. Entire solar system also moves to its nearest and bigger solar system and this movement is in straight line between two light sources and in zigzag line in case of multiple big solar systems and big-bang happens when two or more solar systems collide. Continuance of planet depends on various forces of its own solar system and other solar systems, and most importantly internal activity within the planet, and somewhat on its intervention and so called search and research of other planet. This continuance is broken in the same way as that of any living species (As we die and take birth so are the planets and solar system).

Environment longevity, liveliness, luxury and loveliness depend on how the interaction between participants takes place. Environment on earth which has poles and poles apart, area which has almost six months cycle of day and night to the areas of approximately twelve hours day and night, area with full snow, the cold desert and area with full sand, the hot desert. There are areas with misty cold atmosphere to area with moistly hot. These are all part of the earth body. Slight disturbance to any area causes slight/small ripple in other area, and larger intervention in any area causes major disturbance in other area and is reflected as draught, flood, cyclone, and earthquake, tsunami on occasional basis, and pollution and global warming on continuous basis. This reflection on livestock is reflected as some disease on occasional basis and stress, strain, tension and (blood) pressure on continuous basis.

In nature and existence, attraction of same is norm in unipolar, unisex or unitype item, and of opposite in bipolar item and as such this defines all repulsion or attraction. In such a close knit system if any country thinks and acts for protecting their immediate environment and thereby buying trees from Himalayan region, maintaining their oil reserve and unnecessarily burning other areas fuel, reserving their mine and buying ores from other area, cannot protect their environment but is living in a fool’s paradise. We must understand that flood emanating from Himalaya by melting of ice will, not only draw a part of Bangladesh but also a part of other countries‟ coastal areas as well. Excessive carbon dioxide emission from Delhi, London, and Paris does affect its neighboring areas and countries.

We understand the harmony of nature and regard the earth as mother and sky as father. We never think in the line of conquering the nature, so it’s our prima facie responsibility to correct our environment and guide the world at large for harmonious coexistence. Followings are required to maintain the environment: First and foremost is not to promote unnecessary consumerism and get tempted by it.

1) Sale of raw wood for import and export purpose must be stopped. We must request other countries for the stoppage of export of raw wood.

2) Ore/manure import and export must be stopped, only finished goods of metal and semi-metal should be promoted for export and import.

3) We have to ask our print media to exercise restrain in increasing number of pages of newspaper. Import and export duty on print media need to be rationalized.

4) Bharat will not perform any major nuclear test in sea or land and will request the international community for the same as land and water are interconnected and belong to the entire living. Bharat will not take part in any expedition to other planet, but will limit to the Moon.

5) Unnecessary restriction on account of ozone layer depletion will not be accepted and costlier technology on this count for third world will not be encouraged and accepted.

6) For (heating) energy purpose use of primary produce e.g. wood, coal, gas, and solar heating system will have to be promoted and use of secondary source such as electricity, hydrogen gas need not be promoted.

7) Large-scale construction such as mega-dams, mega cities, interlinking of rivers will not be taken up and promoted neither in Bharat nor elsewhere.

8) Complexity of life in business, in administration and in entire life will have to be eased out for simplicity and its closeness with nature.

9) Traffic restriction on account of obsolete forest rule and encroachment in cities on account of plant conservation will be removed.

10) Haphazard growth of housing sector and automobile sector will be streamlined for the benefit of entire nation and its neighboring countries.

11) Major tree plantation will be taken up in Bharat and if allowed then in neighboring countries of Himalayan region.

12) It is searched that for reducing maximum temperature by two degrees of Hyderabad city, at least ten lakh trees need to be planted of bigger variety such as Pipal, Neem, Banyan, Mango etc. Bharat will have to take special drive to plant ten lakh (average) trees each in its five hundred approx. districts and five lakh in each block level.

13) Tree plantation will belong to individual as well as to its local centre. Cutting of any tree for any purpose will be a subject matter of 'society of senior citizen' of that area.

14) Major employment will be created for tree plantation, each bigger tree plantation and watering would get to some money along with right of its fruits and flowers. All employment seekers will get an opportunity for tree plantation and its growth and would get minimum livelihood amount as reward with a right on its produce. This exercise will be taken up with the help of religious institution and senior citizens and Members of Parliament in place of existing system of municipalities/bureaucracy.

15) Through the religious institutions and senior citizens cooperative, canal cleaning, ponds cleaning and digging, river cleaning project will be augmented and necessary financial and time being policing (police patrolling and protection) will be provided in case of requirement.

16) Lake/Ponds produce should be the property of that area, whereas river produce will be of the entire nation and, as such, responsibility of its maintenance also belongs to that concern.

17 Check dams, rainwater harvesting, use of solar energy, wind energy and biogas will be promoted.

18) Education system must accommodate importance of environmental balance and individual action required for it.

Act of living and art of living gets enlightened through yoga, dance and Tantra and these are needed for happy, healthy and holy life in the cosmos.