This term generally being used in political arena, corporate houses, and big multinationals, here they say leadership (politics) should be value based. In most of this area they are undecided that it is the value (ethics, code of conduct), which is important, or leadership is important, generally what value one gives, to the values or to the leadership decide ones course of action. If for one, value is important than it may be possible that for him leadership will become insignificant and may be she/he will sacrifice a lot for maintaining value [Such was the frequent trend during freedom movement]. And if for one, leadership is important, then it is quite obvious that to maintain the leadership s/he will first sacrifice personal values, and then will sacrifice all such values which are causing hindrance to his/her leadership.

Practicality indicates that some values change as per time and space, (e.g. at war, at peace, at sorrow and at pleasure] region and religion and few values remain perennial. For maintaing perennial values in the society it is best that if leadership is hinderence then leadership also goes. With the blessing of sages new leadership will easily be established which can be asked to work as per the vision and as per the goal maintain perennial values.

1. Person with inborn leadership capability need to be provided with leadership training for further sharpening her/his talent. For this, leadership colleges need to be opened (which will include subject like Rajniti, politics, business, human resource administration, geography and brief history, glimpses of world religion, our ability and our capability etc.

2 It is expected and prayed that we will develop and sustain leadership, which emanates from its vision and goal. In order to develop value based leadership, politics and life itself it is necessary to educate and train people on ethics and why and how it is better to be good. Right from primary school to college level (books on ethics has systematically been removed in British era and surprisingly books on ethics are still absent in entire education system). Books on ethics and Dharma need to be introduced in education system.

3. In corporate sector it is observed that; in continuously failing management theories, family type atmosphere prevailing in industries is still giving good result. It will be best for us to augment the effort of these industries and apply it in our industrial sector and this is bound to give best results for us and best example for others to follow.

4. In political arena, professional politician show sincerity as per their professionalism. But where one sees extra sincerity, generally it emanates from either deep sense of insecurity or overflowing of love. Rajniti (politics) which emanates from deep sense of insecurity creates insecurity in its party organisation and in public, and the Rajniti which emanates from deep sense of commitment and overflowing love creates leaders to sacrifices for goal and to facilitate others.

It is prayed that we see such difference and then choose our path and leader for local, regional, national and international level, and start our journey by strengthening first- self then group, then religion and region and then nation and internation and finally the Dharma the Sanatana.