Tourism is an extension of education/knowledge/experience, if not done for economic activity or health point of view, and India and China offers sufficient and unique in this area to the world. India and China need to prepare composite tour plan for world community. It is more than a duty and responsibility of India and China to educate the heart of world community by showing its treasure, “earning money through tourism will add fund in discharging duty and responsibility.”

India and China have special responsibility by virtue of their long tradition, vibrancy and dynamism in their family and their religious culture to impart education to tourists. Medical tourism (a sick mentality to think of earning from others illness) does not get sanctity from eastern culture and ethos; however, doors are always open for treatment of all and every type of sickness.Government will have to provide all infrastructural support i.e. lush green environment, and beggar free atmosphere, and cheating free hotels, keep sanity of place and will have to arrange well connected and comfortable transport. To promote tourism we need more forest and forestry than corporates and industrialization.

India and China with almost all types of season and almost all kind of region with wide variety of wildlife, flora and fauna has special responsibility toward nature. Government will have to support organized sector to develop jungles, wildlife, sanctuaries, aquatic life, and Ganga dolphins and need to take up its protection instead of promoting only tourism.

Government need to initiate dialogue for composite tourist plan of (east and west, India and China, Muslim countries etc.)