All societies of world over select government for general security and large-scale activities. The same society selects the group of people who make trust, make place of worships, which deals with people’s day-to-day chores and other problems. It is the people’s collective wisdom to form the government and also segregated yet collected, wisdom to make trust, arrange facilities, make place of worship. Forming government is its bigger necessity/compulsion, whereas making trust, temples, and mosques are its heart desires. Rajniti/politics is a super structure built on basic faith and facilities. Paying tax to the government is its compulsion, whereas contributing in temples and mosque is its magnanimity, and we all know the value of each one. We understand that head is the government and heart is the temple, mosque, undermining any one or overpowering one by other, causes disturbance and in the long run it leads to societal infertility. In the colonial past, to sideline the society, first the concept of welfare state was pronounced and then these temples and mosques were made defunct for social activities, later on the stage has come where temple and trust were reduced to places for few karmkands/rituals and begging from almighty/Allah.

Still, in spite of making temples, mosque defunct, people’s faith/heart cannot be removed; and people continue to contribute to the temple/mosques. By seeing the large earning of these religious places, few typical suggestions are coming that this should be taxed. Does government pay tax to anybody? Yes when it is enslaved, similarly if Government wants to enslave its own society than only it should resort to taxation on temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, etc and trusts.

N.G.O. (Non Governmental Organization), which was introduced as a showoff, to take up these social responsibilities and activities of temples, mosques and trusts have not been proven and will not, in Bharat as well as elsewhere in the world, be it UK, or USA. Purpose of introduction of N.G.O. was just showoff. When so called welfare governments failed in its effort to provide real welfare to its masses it will be too much to expect any real thing from NGO except the showoff.

1. We have to see that the temple, Mosque, Gurudwara etc. remain free from any taxation activity. Every Mandir/Masjid need to form trust and become center of activities for the larger society.

2. We have to see that places of worship play larger role in the society building, as faith play larger role in people’s working. For betterment Govt. will have to reduce tax on individual so that their head and heart functions normally and they contribute equally to government and trusts temple, mosque, Gurudwara etc.

3. Expecting more from N.G.O. after witnessing Tsunami, earthquakes in Asia and series of cyclone in United States will be detrimental to betterment. N.G.O. activities will have to be assigned to the temple, Mosque, Gurudwara etc. as we can see that twenty lakh N.G.O. were not sufficient to raise the status of five lakh villages in Bharat. NGO’s need to be screened and restricted.

4. General tax has to be reduced, tax rebate on contribution to N.G.O. need to be stopped. it will also reduce white-collar manipulation with tax. Hundred percent tax rebates need to be only for national relief fund.

5. Foreign contribution (in and out) to NGOs and trusts, temples, mosques etc. if any has to be through parliament/government only.

International fraternity in due course of time will adopt the above.