Nanak says, “That which can be negated/crossed is not truth; non-violence is negated in war and hence not a truth.” We take birth, live and then die and thus life also gets negated, that’s why Grantha says, “Life is Leela, Maya or Drama”.

Between birth and death as we appear so is between perpetual truths, situational truth appears, and also valued accordingly. Both these truths are flowing continuously in nature and appear in individual as faith, those who believe the faith can say that earth is flat and those who have tested and tasted the truth will say that earth is round and rotates round the energy source, trust experience.

If you want to break a man or a community, then break their faith, and best way to do is to break their faith (religios) centres-Mandir, Masjid and Church etc. or make them defunct/inactive. And if you want to unite a men or a community then make their faith (religios) centres (Mandir, Masjid and Church etc.) or make them active and operational i.e. reconstruct their religious centre.

“Taste creates the trust,” Bharat does not work as per any belief but works as per its own testing and tasting.”