Without destination only roads lead to nowhere; for a country to develop as a whole and as a single unit (two most important factors of connectivity) audio/video and transport communication are essential. Many of the states fail to provide basic road, where roads are provided their quality and maintainability are not up to the standard.Central organizations like Border Road Organisation and National Highway Authority have proved better than their state counter parts.

1. Taking railways as a model we have to prepare a model for the roads as well. Three, four or more public sector or regional road corporations is the need of the time, each regional sector catering to four to five states. Road service from the nearest railway station to district/block headquarters has to be ensured by the Center. City passenger traffic, buses, taxis; auto rickshaws have to be co-operative in-place of individual owner so as to provide ease to passengers and small transporter. Tourism related transport need to be well connected with rail, air, water and road, like with minimum stoppage and reasonable fare.

2. As the fare of air traffic is coming down, more and more air corridor opening can be justified specially for terrain and Islands, however Air Tariff cost reduction can not be justified at the cost of safety and punctuality.

3. Chungi (road tax) has to be removed. We have to appreciate the model of Railway, telephone etc. Motor vehicle registrations number has to be standardized as a single number throughout country, one country - One number.

4. Research and development is required for better road, better vehicle, train, plane and helicopter manufacturing. For disaster management, a large no of helicopters will be required and they will have to be maintained.

5. For sea transport and inland water way connectivity will have to be constructed for very small ships to come through river. Better vigil and better designing of ports will have to be augmented for seaports.

Maps are not required to go somewhere; rather maps are required to come home (when one goes astray), transport is just a means to come back home.