Animals and Many Muni's (Religious head and Naga Sadhu's) are very transparent, human society as a whole is not expected to remain that transparent. It is basically a nudist mentality of the few to ask for more and more transparency even from naked men and women, and is unfortunate. Peon should not be burdened with what the Prime Minister is doing; watchmen should not be bothered what is cooking up in the palace, and somewhat vice versa. One wants only disclosure-transparency where s/he is concerned. Transparency needs not to be maintained for manipulative media barons and people with nudist mentality. General public want disclosure how the taxes are collected, and how much expenditure has taken place and on what account and where individuals are reflected in these expenditures. General public wants a department wherein information and details are available of their concern so that trust on bureaucratic and judiciary system are maintained

A) Each block level and district level will have to have information cum disclosure centre, which will provide information on:

1) Judiciary processes.

2) Tax collected and its expenditure. Income and broad expenditure account of top fifty government official (including judges) of that area, top fifty regional officials and top fifty - hundred official of country.

3) Status of suggestion if received and action thereon. Apart from above, it’s our duty, individually and collectively (government) that we create, trust generating bureaucratic and judiciary system, so that even the need of above become minimal.

B) Right to information without any extra teeth to punish the guilty is an useless toy which give more frustration than solace to the seeker of information, similarly is the so called Lokpal bill. In place of all these rights what is needed is to have easy, simple, and fast Nyay vyavastha/ judicial system.