Single tree in the desert has different beauty with ingrained/inbuilt strength. Besides Gardens, forests also have its own beauty but one can be lost in thick forest. Small cluster of trees cannot be regarded as forest and as such lack variety, besides such cluster of trees can neither be taken care of (in the long run), nor they are able to attract rain nor they have security of lions, such small cluster can be regarded as symbol of helplessness or hopelessness. Small to medium size forest gets the most and give the most besides god’s blessing.

1. A hut in solitude/quietude is of sages, the most powerful.

2. Very small villages, does not provide any freedom to individual as well as to group, here untouchability, fights for survival and supremacy are the most, and as such need not to be encouraged to continue.

3. Metro on the other hand caused individual to submerge into the thick cement and concrete jungle. Infrastructure cost like over bridge, metro-rail, overhead monorail, vehicular pollution etc are much higher than building a new city. Making of suburbs has enhanced metro limit further, and causing unbelievable pressures on infrastructure.

4. Earthquakes, and in future possibly volcano floods, drought, cyclone and Tsunami have various indications and for such development to take place. Man made chaos which reflects in recent electric supply failure in few countries, high traffic jams, increasing pollution and consequent stress, asthma, heart problem also offer indication for such development.

5. All present development are taking place due to presence of fossils fuel (petroleum) and electricity, rising prices and limited fuel indicates us, to develop our town and country, being less dependent on it or independent of it.

6. Government need to build cities for around ten thousand to a million population (few big forest like Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Bhubneshwar and other small forest) with all the basic amenities and connectivity. Government need not discourage or encourage building any particular zone as industrial belt however it may allocate land for such development in upcoming towns without fervor and favour.

7. Goverment needs to initiate discussion for making action plan, with inbuilt feedback and maintenance procedures for our town and country.

8. During continuous foreign attack and there after atrocities of foreign rule (In India specially after 1857 war of freedom) many of the well settled people/families were forced to run away (to save their pride, their life and respect of female members) to jungles and now after hundred and fifty years they appears as schedule tribe. It is our duty to bring them back in main stream and get them setteled in proper town and for this we neeed to build sufficient town and cities.

9. Provision of basic amenities can not be easily managed to such a large number of twenty lac plus helmet (Cluster of hundred to five hundred people) and this necessitates to lan and build our country side afresh.

Above infrastructure and its maintenance will also provide sufficient job.