1. The fat man eats more and because of eating more feels sleepy and does less work and by doing this adds more fat and this cycle goes on. On the other hand working people, work more and remain fit, and so can work more, and by working more and more they are directed more towards work, and achieve whatever they wish through karma. These can be classified as karma yogi.

2. The second type of people who study, plan more and more in return get more and more doubts to clear. Such people contribute and get through their intellect, knowledge and study and are called Jnan Yogi.

3. The third type of people do live in flattery, buttering and prayer of their master, by doing so they get more and more opportunity to serve their master and get whatever they wish through Bhakti of their seniors, master or the almighty and can be classified as Bhakti Yogi.

4. The fourth type of people utilize the services of all the three above for the benefit of the above three as well as of their own self and get whatever they wish through synergizing, and in a way can be classified as Raj Yogi.

5. The fifth type of people understand all the above, watch them, may work with any or all of them and yet are free and called Saints, Sufis.

A) Backward journey (or stoppage of activity) by first four classes leads persons to toward zero, whereas forward journey leads these persons to desire the ultimate (money, name, fame etc.) the infinity, whereas the fifth type of people remain vibrant between zero and infinity.

B). From entry to getting settled into any type of yoga there are seven steps – Yam, Niyam, Asan, Pranayama, Dhyan, Dharna and Samadhi. Yam – Oath/decision, Niyam – Rules and regulations(which include dos and don’ts, Aahar- Pratyaahar), Asan - posture to get seated to learn, Pranayama – enhancement of dimensions of heart/head/life, Dhyan – concentration/meditation, Dharna – attitude/to in-grain, Samadhi – to get settle/a state of freedom from first six steps, at this stage things become automatic. For example to drive a car one has to first decide, then has to follow rules and regulations (dos and don'ts), then he has to feel that car is his body, then he has to concentrate, then he has to develop an attitude to drive car as desired, once all these become automatic settling/Samadhi is arrived.

Yoga is not only an exercise of body and breath, yoga is to align head, heart, body and feeling or to have synthesis between external and internal world.

It is an individual choice and government has not much to initiate but understanding of personality trait is a must.

Continuance of blessing of the fifth class is a must for longevity as well as happy, healthy and holiness of country and society.