Maharishi Durbasa has given cow the status of Mother, the Mother cow. Bull is the main in performing Puja of Shiva and Shakti and hence awarded the status of being placed along with Shiva-Linga in every temple. Two strange things have been observed in respect of the sacred cow.

(1) Cow is being respected like mother, but her son is castrated to become an ox in the farm. Very few male offspring of cow are left out of castration to remain as bull to continue the generation. In many cases after cow stops giving milk they treat mother cow unwanted and may leave it or sell it; this practice is prevalent in most part of Asia if not in the entire world.

(2) Apart from the above, for many cow is not sacred but they too serve the cow till it gives milk, later when cow stops giving milk, they use the cow itself. There are meat eater communities in India which doesn’t drink the milk of got on the simple logic that if we drink milk it will be like our mother then eating its meats will be like eating mothers flesh.

In First case hypocrisy is reflected and in the second case clear-cut utilitarianism is reflected.

1.1 If one goes deeper into the subject then one will be feared to conclude that society behaving as in the first case will be with full of hypocrites mesmerized lot, its male generation will be more like ox and its top class people will not have much moral authority and its folks and females will be respected yet they will be fearful. The children of such society will have unnatural and poor upbringing.

“Somewhere the curse of sacred cow-The Mother, shows its results”.

2.1 Society, which behaves as in second case, will not have much respect for older generation, and somewhat less respect for younger lot. Here breadwinner will be the only respected person and when it becomes old respect will reduce. Here one will observe; somewhat hopelessness, helplessness and somewhat blind aggressiveness. Such society will have hopeless folks, bewildered young, a youth centered society where women will be more like utility, a society which will show concern to women in reproductive phase only and women at reproductive stage will take care more of their body and food.

It is submitted to the entire world that we must look in our collar, what we want us to be?

A. Those who consider cow as mother must come out with clarity, about what they will do after mother cow’s death; will it be given full last rites, that no leather will be used, that milk will be used only after its calf has taken full feed.

B. Issue of Sacred Cow need not be only emotional, but as a more practical one, that is how we want ourselves to be in our society? And how our society, state and nation should be?

C. Castration is not necessary as bulls are also being used for farming in various parts of Bharat. There are no such symptoms of necessity in similar type of animals like Horses, Buffalos, and Donkeys.

D. Leaders of the cow eater societies should take note whether they want harmonious society or utilitarian society and then decide. For the entire Bharat we must discuss entire issues with religious leaders, intelligentsia to arrive at a decision for implementation. Here two things have to be remembered. A) Jeev Jeevasay Bhojnam (Living is Living Food). B) Medicinal value of Cow fat as also of human skull in Tantrik’s-Aghori traditions etc.

E. When we talk of cow care then message must be disseminated that cows presence itself brings health and prosperity, be it Gobargas, Manure, Cow urine, beside milk and bull for labor work. As far as utility of cow clan is concerned it can be easily ascertained that two cow per farmer with its offspring will be more than sufficient for a farmer’s family need of milk, fuel, gas (Gobar Gas), Manure, internal transport, medicine, etc.

F. Unnecessary promotions of chemical fertilizer, sale of injection for enchaining milk production are not required for high grade of crops, milk and milk products along with discussion on treatment offered to milk giving animals, their male counter part and their offsprings.

G. Recent development in 'Denmark' of giving women milk DNA injection to cow, for cow to give milk with ingredient of women's milk, will be a step toward new marketing cow milk –'Mothers milk'.

H. Cloning or cross sexual /DNA injection for cow to give milk like Women, Goat, Buffalo or reverse, will see the process of development of better milk producing new species. Whereas if we consider last 4-5 thousand years of development then we can appreciate that such development happens for one life only and not continued for generations. Such cross, weather it is mule, seedless papaya or anything else have not been able to give birth to new variety of species and neither it will be. It needs not to be promoted in large scale.

I. Freedom to cow and animals is need of the hour for healthy, happy and holy environment, as the earth is not for the humans only.

The treatment to the cow clan also indicates the style of governance “{where bulls are produced, cows remains protected, where calf are casterised, cows will definitely be ill treated and killed i.e. where weak (soft-cow, scientist and female) are protected and wise (strong-bull, wise, and brave male) are respected}”, such governments only can command power and respect and will be able to sustain boundaries.