Terrorism is like any other ‘ism’ (e.g. communism, communalism, regionalism and even religionism), but terrorist is an altogether a different breed, they may be driven by terrorism or may be single or isolated lot or in a small group, allowed themselves to the level of genocide. 9/11 happened in America and the many democratic people branded entire Muslims brethren as terrorist, and followed attack on Afghanistan, Iraq, and maintaining constant vigil on all countries with large Muslim population. Gandhi Ji was killed and entire R.S.S. was made responsible of his martyrdom, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was killed and entire Sikh community was branded as killer.” It does not hold such views.”

1) For control of terror activity, pin pointed group within the country or outside will have to be targeted by various methods for happy society, without bothering and without encouraging media hype and hate. We feel that media will play its duty well toward building a harmonious society.

2) Terrorists in killing, in a way, helping to the job of almighty- the master killer and master creator. It just prays for terrorist, not to hurt their hands with blood. There are only two important people in one’s life, one who give birth and another who ends the life, and as such it does not hate terrorist and neither counter to terrorist, and it is so in all the religious text.

3) Life begins with negative; children starts saying no in the beginning and then at young age understands where to say no and where to say yes. Old and energy less people say yes for all things.

4) Terrorist attack in Mumbai and in parliament of India have been preeceeded by purchase of arms (for police) of more than ten thousand crores.

For sale of arms can terrorists activity be not planned by spending two percent of bribe money (two hundred crore) and giving some arms for field trial.

5) Many of the multinational firm who deals with fuel oil reserves, mineral reserves, sales of arms and ammunition do wants that terrorism and terrorist should continue and serve their interest. It is more often than not that these terrorist activity and wars bring right-minded, people together to work for harmony. If terror activities are increasing it indicates that system needs change and right minded and hearted people have to work hard.

Encouragement of growth oriented, right hearted and headed people and terrorist elimination has to go simultaneously.
Let’s pray that these terrorist and so-called anti terrorist understand the lesson of courage, freedom, and love and enjoy the life in its totality.