Technology, the technique and the process have not much to do with science, and need separate identity. Many times sciences suggest the technology, and many times it is technology, which causes scientific development to take place and further ease the operation.What is at outward level called technique/technology, Machine and software at internal level same are known as Yantra, Tantra and Mantra.

Scientific understanding is required by those who are eager to know, understand and develop newer things, where as in general, everybody is interested in the end result and so generally people are close to technique and technician/engineers than science. Similarly at internal level people are close to Tantra and Tantric then on spiritualy. Technology develops and gets refined with the passage of time and during its operation and applicability. The development of Jugar in northern India as a replacement of tractor, and use of Gobar Gas (biogas) in Disel generator sets are example of technological development.

1) Government will have to provide support to the technological development to spread it within and outside the countries. Engineering is just one expression of technology and will have to be provided sufficient support.

Media has to play positive role in spreading healthy technologies. We will have to further encourage the technological development in other areas such as Politics, Agriculture, Prabandh (Management) and Armed forces. Technology developed at far flung country needs to be reviewed for its use and application in particular area. Promotional activity in place of patenting of technology has to be augmented. Refrigerators at polar, tropical and in between should be made as per surrounding.

For collectiveness technology is better, for individual straightness is better
And measure of right development; is how long one can sleep easily?