1. Varna Vyavastha say’s, businessman (vaish) earns, then its duty as well as obligation of business class to share profit equally with each class Brahmins (teachers, planner), Kshatriya (police, army, political leaders, judges), sudra (service class (this is similar to our body wherein stomach get total food but share nutrients with hand and feet –service/sudra class, chest/Kshatriya, head/Brahmins and self-business/vaish.Any variartion or any manipulation will make body(society) where in stomach/Vaish is bulky, hand and feet/service class thin, chest/Kshatriya in and head/Brahmin down/bowed.

2. In ashram Vyavastha (categorization of life as per age) they say that person in Grihastha ashram earns, then its duty as well as obligation of person in grihastha ashram (like businessman) to share its profit equally with each section-bhramchari/children’s/service class, with parents/banprasthi / Kshatriya, sanyasi/grandparents/ Brahmins and self-i.e. grihastha/business/vaish.If one doesn't perfrom in this fashion than it is sure that one between 48-72yrs of age (banspirasth ashram) will not be happy and may be s/he will not be able to touch sanyas Ashram(73-96 age).

3. Sages say for every earning of 100 (hundred) by men (family), expenditure pattern should be:

• 25% For debt repayment (to parents, Mother and father)
• 25% As loan (to children, son and daughter)
• 25% To self (self and wife)
• 25% to society (sanyasi/social and religious cause).

As per the above, for each subsection, 12.5% or 1/8 of income share is defined. This sharing apart from bringing total harmony also ensures 100% gender equality and equality of society and religion (it doesn't call for any preferential tax either to women or senior citizen).On being very fair government income tax should not exceed 12.5% and on being fair and just, it should not increase 25% limit, in any case, otherwise one or the other in family or society will suffer. Moreover if government charges more than 25%, then it is inefficient government and unconcerned toward one or the other section.

1) We have to ensure maximum limit of income tax to 25% and efforts have to be made to bring it to 12.5%. In better days it will be order of the day in Bharat and elsewhere. When government brings down tax to 12.5% it will be expected that individuals and family contribute balance 12.5% directly to social and religious institutions as their obligation. However income up-to 100/gram gold per annum needs to be tax free.

2) When one has paid income tax, any tax in indirect way is making fool of an individual and breaking the law-by-law maker themselves, and will tantamount to inefficiency and insincerity of government. Sales tax, central sales tax, professional tax, octori tax, excise duty on general items (excise duty on product like Car, Cigar, Wine and AC etc which consume heavy energy, give harmful effect and pollute, has to be continued) have to be scrapped. In many cases cost of collection including corruption is higher than the money collected.

3) Import duty and export duty need rationalization to only three categories, i.e. Necessary avoidable and good. Import and export will have to be favorable to national people first and rest the later.

4) VAT (value added tax) or MODVAT (modern value added tax) need to be abolished. In Bhartiya regional dialects; (vat lag gayi- got finished) are used in bad sense.

5) For industrial product (to distributors and retailers) turn over tax of 2 % (two per/cent) is sufficient (as individual director, partner and proprietor are again paying income tax). All Corporate tax, Co-operative taxes need to be scrapped. [As people are the last tax payers, any indirect taxing is too much and will have to be scrapped. For industry all formalities and manipulations like depreciation, appreciation, loss forward, and bad debt have to be scrapped and uniform 2% turn- over tax or corporate tax has to be collected or deducted from its bank account].

6) Tax on wine and tobacco need not reflect contradiction where each enhancement in tax pinches more to user, pleases less to finance ministry and more to its seller, distributor and processor, with hardly any benefit to producer (farmer). Some or other form of aphrodisiacs is the requirement of modern men and we have to take wholesome view. Taxes on opium/tobacco were introduced with an intention to enhance slavery-as tobacco/tea or one such thing which act as stress buster is necessary to modern men. Hukka is much better than bidi/cigarette/cigar and hence tobacco production has to be free from government control.

7) For tax collection, salaried class has tax collected at source, and need not file tax return, their organization certification is sufficient for proof. However tax department can issue appreciation letter to large taxpayer, i.e. to recognize that they are doing better in life.

a. For higher tax payer certain facility need to be given like preferential ticketing in rail, air, road, and ship travel, like invitation for entertainment function, etc.

b. For private, retail sector, all taxes need to be deposited in bank or may be cut from their bank account. In place of multiple bank account one bank account need to be norm.

8) It is said – 'That it is most difficult to understand the taxation system'. Countries with materialistic attitude are further complicating it whereas revolutionist wanted to break it, discarded it and shatter it. If underlying current is any indication then few countries with highest tax is getting ready for another revolution. It is prayed that these and others mend their ways. Tax book will not have more than ten pages with annexure of import, export item list in another twenty pages.

9) Wealth tax and gift tax should also be scrapped. government and we should like one to be wealthy and be gifting to one another. When one has already taxed on his income, any further tax on his savings or on ways and pattern of spending is exaggeration of intelligence and looked at as coercive action of government.

10) Service tax will also be scrapped, we must encourage the services and not to limit them by unnecessary accounting.

11) Municipal taxes are basically reimbursement or payment on services availed. As the kind of services are not being properly maintained, it will be better that such tax is fixed in two parts, one part for resident’s welfare association/religious institution and second part for Municipal Corporation, with inbuilt redundant mode of services.

12) Everybody is a thief and so jargon of rule has to be replaced with simple rule that everybody is honest and will pay the taxes honestly and defaulter will face the consequences.

13) Road maintenance charge may be included every four year by introducing few paisa/liter in fuel cost. However additive based fuel should be cheaper to enhance the mileage and ordinary fuel to be made costly. Octori/Chungi will have to be removed inside the country.

14) To improve the status of friend's countries, we have to live in zero percent trade tax among us, uniform pricing and duty in case of import as well as in export.

15) Tax rebate on any count-except countries Relief Fund, has to be scrapped. Tax rebate already committed on account of certain sector has to be standardized to four percent of total tax. Tax rebate on independent research and development sector and other tax rebates or one time help to research and development sector need to be discussed and decision may be left to wise, on case to case basis.

16) If Adults are not taking care of their parents, wife and children, then government must take out 12.5% minimum per person from the income of concerned and provide facility to such persons. To enhance the family bonding single bank account, single tax statement of couple has to be introduced and need to be a norm.

17) Tax holiday to Industrial sector has to be stopped as it has caused shifting of offices only and development in patches. General infrastructure and harmonious environment is requirement of all types of industries and we trust our country will be able to provide it.

18) Trusts and Temples are not to be touched for any taxing purpose (government need not behave like god all pervasive all inclusive). To and fro foreign contribution to any NGO, trust, temple, church, mosque, etc. has to be through government and needs scrutiny and Taxing for maintaining ethics and morale’s.

19) People and organization with much higher income need not be taxed higher rather they need to be promoted for adopting village, town, cities, etc. for maintenances and development.

Multinational (external and internal) needs to be put on equal platform vis-a-vis respective country, however, in general, national tax system needs to be the norm for all multinationals, their staff and their visiting staff.