A Natural principle, researched by ‘Jung’ indicated that, in a closed room, two pendulum watches show the same time (hour, minute) and if disturbed then again they readjust to show the same time. Smaller watch always does adjustment and time gap to readjust depends on the quantum of disturbance. Similar observation was made in musical instruments, viz, Guitar, Sitar that if we play one then the string of un-played one also vibrates in the same fashion. Similar thing happens in electric generating stations, that, individual power generating units follows the grid frequency.

In nature, we adjust ourselves according to the nature (winter, summer, rain etc.) and not the vice versa.

In our day-to-day life it is the highly energized people whose vibration affects the normal masses. The movement, behavior, attitude and working of such highly energized Gurus; leaders set the example and make the system for masses.

In a way the saying ‘Andher Nagari, Chopat Raja, or Yatha Raja Tatha Praja’ (Blind cities hopeless kings or as is the king so are the subjects) also get justified by the principle of synchronicity.

As such, systems can only be broken by the individuals who have higher energy level than the system, and such energy level is acquired or blessed by almighty to its chosen one. People recognize such chosen one’s by its innocence, immediacy, simplicity, firmness and loving and caring working pattern.