Nature has not provided any open-ended network and system. In nature all systems are more or less closed loop, some follow smaller loop whereas others follow longer loops e.g. water cycle and life cycle. As such, it is natural to have checks and balances, feedback and corrective mechanism for smooth operation of life and life cycle. Suggestion indicates that there is a need for improvement or lack of simplicity. In such situations self-analysis and timely intervention with required tools and tackle, bring best result; remembrance of almighty, continuous or five times or once in five days, provides extra essence in results.

1. Government need to provide intervention mechanism for accepting worthy suggestions and act on recommendation of research and analysis Wing, so that it comes out with progressive result. The present practice of accepting suggestion is very crude like, “those who wish to send their suggestion should send in neatly typed paper, on or before and suggestion will belong to the committee and person will not have any right on it”. This should be changed to proactive system where-in each suggestion provider should get some prize along with participatory certificate.

Suggestion and feedback are natural ingredients of life process and follows the following loop:
Life and lives enhancement process.