Everybody knows and everybody understands that for any organization and organizational activity manpower and money is required, and requirement increases if the task, responsibility and manpower associated with it are gigantic.

In present indirect way of funding, political parties also feel obliged to large donator/contributor and after winning feel like or forced to repay it, in the form of Govt. favour which generally tantamount to much higher return, and for Partition practices and also to hide the favour, generally transparency put at the back door. This indirect way of funding is much more costly to tax payer and citizen of any country.

Need of political parties, benefit of direct funding, checks and balance of direct funding has to be discussed, implemented and periodically reviewed in eight year, to start with country can contribute sum equal to maximum allowable election expenditure limit (one percent of goes domestic produce) for total Member of Parliament of three or four main national parties equally and reducing sum to smaller parties.

In this media has to play larger role and responsibility.