For those whose life is like a sport, remain healthy and cheerful, and for those whom sport is a competition and challenge, remain tense even in the very playground. To play is a right but winning depends on variety of things and factors and can best be left to nature. When the entire life is play or work, can we escape from it? One does not have choice, s/he has to play/work, either one get involved in the play/work, and otherwise play/workout will be forced upon her/him. Everyone has to work-in or work-out to remain healthy and happy.

1. Sport is primary; winning the crown is secondary and is nature’s grace. Many countries and their people look after the sport, as an alternative to war but this feeling does not need encouragement, however even if war comes it has to be taken up as a sport and to be played with full concentration and energy.

2. Government will have to encourage and enhance small to medium level sport avenues, mostly physical to children as a basic need. This encouragement is a must for children to be physically fit and goal oriented.

3. Educational institute has to enhance sports or field work up to three hours for all children. If school can not provide this facility, government has to consider closing down the school itself (Presence of Retired military/armed force personal with strength and punctuality of army and heart of parents) will have to be enhanced in school to take care of sport and field work.

4. Enhancement of sports in villages, towns, cities and metro will be of primary importance and its continuity is secondary, infrastructure and organizing international event is tertiary, and this need to be dealt in the same way.

5. We will have to encourage active sport and discourage passive sports i.e. watching matches in television, listening commentary in radio etc. Enjoyment out of play/sport enhances when sport/play is preceeded by forplay and supreceeded by after play i.e. before entering into football ground/swimming pool some exercise/fore play is required and after coming out of football ground some jogging/after play is required to maintain healthyness and to enhance enjoyment. Married couples can learn from it.

6. All sports need equal treatment as Dharma Nirpeksha attitude.

7. Balls are for babies; Research and development will have to be encouraged to find out strenuous game for men and artistic game for women. In international sports competitions doping which can disqualify a sport person which had two cups of coffee or simple pain killer but not the sport person who had bucket full of bear of bottle of whisky appears to be favouring sport person of wealthy countries and need rationalization.

8. In order to reduce the funding on hospital, government will have to enhance sports budgets and sports infrastructure will have to be made available for 24X7 hours for better time slotting.

9. Government will have to encourage the sports activity, dance in industry, office, but after or before working hours. Sport as a gambling has to be occasional and need to be under the watchful eyes of judiciary.

It is expected that we carry the playful attitude throughout our life.