From birth till death a sexual living being is known as a single identity (Like amoeba, Neem etc) and sexual beings are known as double identity, human (male and female). All the livings asexual or sexual are bisexual in nature and this is the basis of parts (male or female), feeling fullness even if it remains in isolation.

In sexual act when time and space vanish (at the time of orgasm) seeds of new creations are planted. To continue the nature sex is the basis and to end the nature sex is the reason that is how we call almighty the creator, the sustainer and destroyer

“Shiva –the love and death”.

In humans sexual energy first take the physical form, (expanding the physique and reservoir for sexual energy) that is up to thirteen to seventeen years and then the reservoir of energy is filled up to twenty two to twenty four years of age, and from then it either moves up and known as kundalini awakening and provide food and energy to heart and head or moves down and creates tension in sexual organs. Any stagnation of sexual energy after twenty nine years of age create imbalance in personality. To remove stagnation, visit to spouse, whore, gigolo or masturbation are available outlet. Male by nature is desirous of variety of being and female is desirous of variety from being.

Sex is the known basis of longevity, self-indulgence, sustenance and termination and recreation and will remain so. It is the rarest of rare to remain in continuous awakening of Kundalini stage i.e. to remain in upward movement of seminal energy on continuous basis and as such sexual intercourse, masturbation, and wet dreams are applicable to saint and sages also. This upward movement and continual cosmic orgasm facility is available or provided to Brahma.

Bharat understanding above may start removing mores, taboos, from its system and will propagate the same. In Physio-Psychological dimension in mammals including human, sexual exploration of self, then of same, then opposite, then expedition to opposite and then pause are the norm and after this pause the same cycle repeats in Psychodynamic dimension till death or at the most one can stop growing and reach to his/her death. “Gays” and “lesbians” marriages are the rarest exceptions in nature and do not need any legislation and normalization by any government and have to be left to society only.

1. Uptil kundlini is not awakened single person i.e. (without hetro sexual spouse/partner) in the temple, mosque, monastery, church and Gurudwara may either remain as subdued or may create nuisance in the area of illegitimate sexual gratification or sexual abuse and will jeoparadise sanctity of religious place. Hence such place must have married people in their age of Banprastha Ashram (forty eight year plus) or Sanyas Aashram (seventy two years plus) as head as well as performer of rituals/prayers. Unmarried, divorcee and widowed person can remain in such religious place but as in secondary and in supporting positions.

2. Forced bachelorships in many orgainsations of repute have given foul smell of sexual use or abuse. Such organization need to change themselves to remain intact.

3. To expose (sexual) and eliminate in political circle and in other enimity will definitely remain a casuse of concern for our society. Media need to take wholesome view in expose and elimination.

4. Eve teasing /rape is also because of high projection of sex and its low availability, one because of media and other because of stigma/taboo attached with sex, these need to be discussed in the society for corrective action.