Security is must for any survival to survive, child remains secure in the womb of mother, then under the protection of parents and then find security of society and its system. We respect those who assure us security, when we feel secure we express it through love, and when we take part in adventure we show that security is confirmed. At the most any one can put his security at stake and endanger it. We extend our known security by possession of more and more and we expand our unknown security by prayer of bigger and bigger and mostly of biggest the almighty. Thief finds security at night and others find security in day and takes shelter in its house/home at night. Sadhus find security everywhere and live mostly in isolation, quietude, and solitude and in luxury of natural surroundings. In a country, generally we all feel secure when we are physically secure, emotionally and economically strong and spiritually awakened, and then country can be called secure. Safety is an attitude to do the things. People feel secure when it’s household and country are physically independent, and its boundaries are secures, and countries have friendly or brotherly relationship with its neighbors.

As a countryman our primary responsibility is to maintain and enhance our collective safety and security.

1) Securing the border by the arms and ammunition designed and developed by other countries does not provide deep sense of security for future, and Bharat will have to put more effort, more money in designing and developing its own arms and ammunition.

2) It can be said that to have top class security forces, arms and ammunition should evolve from in house production, dependency on any outside country can provide second rated security and if dependency is multilateral than security can be called third rated, and we have to understand it and resolve to develop first rated security and security forces.

3) Concept of hundred percent safety and security is senseless and certainty belong to past, looking for hundred percent of these characteristics is to be lost in oblivion. Living lively in present provides required security in time. Government can provide ninty nine percent security in hundred percent as in Quran, ninty nine names are given in list of hundred names.

4) First and foremost security is being physical, and it asks us to have better security forces, and country needs to provide utmost importance to it. Visualizing the global scenario, apart from developing nuclear weapons we also need to give equal importance to develop other paraphernalia.

5) Second security is of food, shelter and clothing, and through various programs by and large it has already been achieved. Effort will have to be made to avoid any incidence of starvation, forced nakedness and sleeping on pavement.

6) Perfection in security comes through feedback and intelligence service, and for this, country will have to support the better intelligence network, for safe -guarding interest of the nation and our continent and our friends. Media need to watch and media needs to be watched for news that can come through outside influence and create doubt/panic/ over confidence about securety and safety.

7) Safety and security is a mental concept, we have to disseminate/ spread the right messages so that neither security hype is created nor any under estimation is done, so that we spend rightful amount on it without jeopardizing other dimension of life. Women need to be in charge of internal security whereas men of external security and for this woman need to be trained in Kung-fu, Judo-karate, Karali-kala etc. and men need to be trained in martial arts and all types of weapons.

8) Safe and secure country needs safe and secure neighbor, it is our requirement as well as moral responsibility to look after the interest of our neighbor’s security.

9) To be strong and loving is admired by all and hardly creates any jealousy and ill will by others such is the need and aim for safe, secure strong societal standard of Bharat.

10) Internationally it can be appreciated that bipolar power block maintains and minimizes the outside aggression on any country but this happens under the continuance of cold war and constant threat of catastrophe In this nuclear age. Here to remain independent is not only to remain isolated but also to get subdued, and some time, this act as a suicidal. Non-aligned is an indication of not only blinders but of handicapped stature and is death centered. We have to shift this non-aligned group to a power block.

11) Uni-polar is like a unisex like an earthworm it neither kills nor thrills, it is an indication of either end or the beginning of a new order or system. We have to accept this fact with serenity and work to maintain the loveliness in society and nature.

12) Multi polar – and in major act bipolar system provides the most. Dharma is the best guide to proceed. In seemingly bipolarity of the future we have to be ready (with our support in the direction of dharma) in any eventuality of fourth world war and thereafter (Third world war is going on and is being economical in nature).

13) In this nuclear age the development of software and system to stop, redirect, self-destruction of nuclear and other electromagnetically operated arsenal in mid air or to bring it back will be of paramount importance. Development of these will avoid the catastrophe and will be required direct thereafter.

14) Healthy and emotionally strong can play the flute in crematorium, and plan the corrective action even at that place, such has to be our aim for country security.

Whenever we will be able to provide shelter to anybody (political) without bothering about any one we can say that Bharat has become secure and strong, able and capable. However providence of shelter should pass the test of our head and heart as there is no fun in becoming Pollyanna (spreader of bad vibes) doormat or martyr.

“The only aim of life has been searched in countless ways is to remain happy and being in the remembrance of almighty” and for this safety and security has to be safe and secure.