We the government by the people, of the people and for the people get confidence when things are of government or public and not of any individual and suspicion arises when it is foreign and rises when things are multinational and of dubious level. Individually we want that coffers at home should be full and collectively we want coffers of government must be full. Coffers at home provide security and confidence to individual and coffers of government provides security and confidence to society.

We at home engage and encourage family to be associated in fruitful work and invest time and money for realization of it. Collectively government does these works and has to invest time and money for realization of social goal. Disinvestments is madness in short term and suicidal in long run (even for those industrial family who manipulate the market and acquire the stacks and ownership.)

We at home when engaged in any work, each member takes or gets assigned job according to its ability and capability at the level and position of trustee, same thing need to be done in government sectors, that participants are trustees and not merely employees to be managed or administrated by other senior employees. Organization loss and profit share tangible and intangible must be reflected in the trustee share.

Prabandh Style:-

A) America- mostly contract type work force, Chinese- forced, Japan- somewhat permanent job and affiliation like family. Prabandh style of Japan needs to be submerged in trustee and family (commune) like prabandhan for country to rise to its glory and guide the world for collective happiness.

B) Idea of individual entrepreneurs power is the key to growth and development, providing good wishes and support to such person, was/is key to development in capitalist regime, snatching it for country growth was key to another regime, providing support and taking individual idea, patenting it in company name and promoting product in the so called open market and free competition was key to latest but failed regime of new classical economic theory.

C) Goal of government sector used to be, to create the facility, create the job, and report to the public (the master) through leader. Quality, efficiency and continuance and providence of service by proper maintenance, were not the goal in the initial stages of democary and hence it failed.

D) Furtherance of growth will take place when individual entrepreneur’s idea, imagination and vision is supported and accepted by society and government for its benefit to mankind at large. Homogeneous and harmonious growth will happen when whole body gets full respect and its due share, and not only head (Intellectual property right and patents will have to go away in near future). We have to take lead in scraping it and move in an integrated way.

1. Unity in diversity is good for growth and sustainability, small sector for individual, medium for joint venture and large for public participation will be the key for future growth and glory.

2. Competition in small way and transcedentation in larger paradigm will make the living paradise a reality. Quantity, Quality, Pricing and Placing, in sustained way makes the most in goods and goodwill.

3. Everybody is honest prima-facie, dishonesty is losing the track, respecting the honest and eliminating and then correcting the dishonest will provide larger healthy and harmonious environment for growth.

4. Though rigidity provides the right base but to be rigid belongs to dead. Liveliness, vibrant and dynamism in rule and regulation provide most at the firm footing of love and goodwill gesture. Working pattern on this will work wonders and will be the norm.

5. Doors and windows have to be open for others to come in and for us to go out, our head and heart provide the best guidance for whom to welcome and where to go, which foreigner to welcome and which foreign to travel, to accept W.T.O. (World trade organisation) and other treaty or to differ it, has to be decided by immediacy of the Zen, the way of Dhyan.

6. Economics belongs to ecology and environment and Arthshastra provide the means and method to get from it in most harmonious way and that too by easiest and straight methods.

7. Raja vyapari to praja bhikari (if government has business attitude and behaviour than masses will be beggar). Government has to behave like leader, facilitator, administrator, protector but rarely as businessman.

8. Tendering /procurement process of government and public sector of country like India need correction, from current lowest, short term, contractor/supplier oriented, corruption/influence pron to long term, industry/oriented, service and simple.

9. unnecessary intervention of lethargic judicial system of third world countries has gave rise to acumulation of rejected, dejected and surplus officers/workmen in government and public sector and this need broader decision and action.

Collective growth has to be the buzzword.