English word science has come from the word conscience (con-science), meaning of word conscience is, "knowledge and understanding of wrong and right". In the word science the very understanding of wrong and right is omitted or deleted and thus science becomes only knowledge. Science is only knowledge, to the large extent it is systematic and tries to answers the questions, like’ what and how’ without any screening of wrong and right and that’s why we say science is blind.

On the contrary, in Bharat we have given the word ‘vigyan', which means 'special gyan'; here 'gyan' itself means the understanding of wrong and right, and as such, vigyan means special or realized understanding of wrong and right. It can also be said that when the knowledge becomes understanding and also been realized then it become vigyan, here vigyani, is declared to be having special eyes.

It is said:

“Vigyan and Vedanta are clear in definition; Sanyas and Yoga are real truth”. (Vigyan–realised science, Vedant-Veda+ant: that has been experienced, Sanyas- living with good, Yoga–Sum, joined internally and externally).

Further if we consider about various transactions of life, then we can appreciate that out of one million transactions man has in his life, science deals with only twenty percent transaction; and its results are eighty to ninty percent correct, our imagination deals with eighty percent transactions and its results are approximately forty percent correct, whereas our intuitions deal with hundred percent transaction and result of which are approximately thirty five percent correct. So out of ten lakh transactions science gives one lakh sixty thousand, imagination three lakh twenty thousand and intuition three lakh fifty thousand correct answers. In a way with imagination and intuition one can get six lakh seventy thousand lakh correct answers in ten lakh transactions, in comparison to poor science which give only one lakh sixty thousand correct answer.

Further science says,
A is A and it is not non A
Tao system says,
A is A and also as predicate to Z
Whereas Vedanta system says,
A, is neither A and not nor A

It compasses all meaning of A, A as A, A as first, A as one, A as predicate to Z, and still says (neti- neti-) this is not, this is not and as such open to encompass infinite meaning of A.

Vigyan is consciousness, imagination is sub-consciousness and intuition is unconscious and we all know the increasing vastness of all three. Unconscious layer vibrates with nature and that is the reason why intuition gives questions and also gives maximum right answer to any individual. All scientific developments are the result of intuition and/or imagination, and, as such, there is no need to give extra importance to science.The prayers which are performed even at super computer systems are fully in sync with nature, and need not to be criticized rather it need sanction and support of the government/system. Ways and means need to be evolved to give weight age to individual’s imagination and intuition.

Name Vigyan (in place of science) need to be supported and promoted so that blindness of science goes away. Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is supreme; vigyan is followed by astrology and followed by conscious science and these eed weightage and expression in the same manner. It is said that Buddha got enlightenment by the first method of vigyan Bhairav Tantra and there are one hundred twelve such methods in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Present science is busy in knowing more and more about minutest to minutest i.e. to know more and more about little and little or more and more about ultimately 'of nothing,' This ultimate leads to knowing most (infinity) about 'nothing' and makes one realize that it is circle; at this level search of zero (0-circle) and infinity (double circle) was done and is just a natural outcome.

It is also searched simultaneously with the advent of zero that, placement of zero, before 0.01, reduces the valve of one, whereas if zero is placed after 1 eg. 100 it exaggerates its value, adds to the value of person, and so instead of taking pride in being the researcher of zero and infinity we should take the result in our stride.

Searching or researching of these terms indicates ultimate realization. As searchers or researches are for entire human kind, there is no need to take shame of any research or pride of it.