1) The powerful only can reserve, less powerful can request the powerful or can create nuisance for powerful to impart, or can emotionally bargain for reservation by indicating separation from house, society or religion. Almighty reserves our birth, death and reserves certain things as per our karma, Bhakti or jyan so as to provide safeguard from mutual nuisance.

It is said:
We are what our deep driving desire is
as our desire, so is our will,
as our will, so is our deed,
as our deed, so is our destiny."
In reverse, it says:
We are, what we are,
our destiny decides our deeds,
our deeds shape our will,
our Will makes our desire.
Our desire, our will, our deeds and our words,
shapes us, our family, our village, our city and
our nation as well as our environment, and vice-versa.

It does not happen only with an individual, but also with a nation collectively. It can be observed in the development, rise and fall of nations in last two thousand years for example, rise of Bharat, China, Greece, Arab, England, America and now…

2) Genetic theory says by seeing the seed and (Kiriyann) Photograph of small plant, one can tell about the type of fruit it will give. Though the photography for human being is available only for ‘aura’ and not the detail one, but it will develop soon and will work in tandem with horoscope. The genes and horoscope are seen changing in middle with our Karma, Gyan, Bhakti etc. and that is where life is.

3) It is in the Upnishad that when ' Swetketu ' son of 'Uddalak' returned from Gurukul (University), Uddalak asked him, “In Gurukul, have you learnt all?” Swetketu said, "Yes whatsoever university could teach me, whatsoever was there in the library, I learned all."

Uddalak asked him: Have you learn all have you become Brahmin,
Swetketu: that is I am from birth.
Uddalak asked him again: have you understood where from life originated, where life disappears, did you know 'Bramh'?
Swetketu said: - No. 'I can infer, I can say, but I do not understood‟.
Uddalak said: - Go back to Gurukul, nobody becomes Brahmin by birth. Go back, become Brahmin then only come.

Becoming Brahmin is a second birth and without understanding/experiencing this nobody can claim that she/he is a Brahmin. Becoming Brahmin is more than becoming like, Engineer; doctor, etc. which nobody can claim to be inherited by birth. Those who have not become Brahmin but by virtue of being son and daughter of Brahmin tries to take advantage of his/her father, mother. Such advantage seekers want the same privilege in their life, which they have enjoyed as children of Brahmin. Such, half-cooked, semi finished persons sound more and want people should pay respect to them, feed them and such type of Brahmin (in West like planner and scientist) gave rise to the term 'patenting' and intellectual property rights. In these Patenting and Intellectual property right, the real Brahmin (Scientist or planner) may get something, but it is the clan, children, family, company and even entire nation try to earn from it. In order to earn these so support patenting and intellectual property right initially and then in the long run become servant of its own doing. In patenting and intellectual property right regime, the so-called scientists and intellectuals make themselves busy in searching and introducing newer and newer disease, virus and syndrome and its medication, antivirus newer and newer propaganda style and marketing style for its use and abuse.

4) Previously necessity was mother of inventions, now necessity is becoming daughter of invention. The West in recent times has developed a brand of neo-Brahmins, called, chartered accountants, masters in business administration, doctors and doctors of philosophy in each area which includes even History, Geography, Math’s, Science, Psychology etc. etc. In furtherance to its lust for money it had opened up technology transfer where in they start making other countries‟ personnel first literate in, in and out and the nitty-gritty. For all such personnel first hefty price and luxurious facilities were offered and then it is proposed that all other must pay hefty fees and nice status to the practitioners of above in its own country and other countries.

With this type of exercise, it is natural that everyone will try to study and would like to become rich in a day or two, and so mental work enhanced and physical work reduced and as the need arises it is considered prudent to hire personnel and labourer from neighboring village/country for physical work with less money as per its own standard (but sufficient or higher as per others standard). In these societies newer research and its researcher get highest money followed by money managers, followed by its distributor and its technicians (technician can be doctor, engineer or an MBA), followed by its marketer and media.

5) Daily used items and general services made available at through away prices and its producer and service provider expected to be available cheaply, however internally these clans get compensated by subsidy but externally it is expected to be cheaper. To hide, subside, or suppress the anger, facility for unemployment allowance was offered and unemployed asked to join army or allied forces to evaporate their demand for job. To maintain the balance in army, and general supremacy, regime of newer exercises and war being waged/initiated and continuing. This is the way how suppression of service class the Sudras begins. "Why, people think, that only head is everything in the body, there is separate possibility of every finger in the hand.

In our body nothing is extra and every part is important.

6) In east thousands of years ago similar exercise was done, which was more pointed than current western development. East especially the Bharat; developer, creator proponent and practitioner of ‘Astrology’, 'Yantra, Tantra, Mantra’ sciences (the realized) and large number of deities, were more respectable than what we see of modern scientists and its professionals in the West. These realized sciences are more powerful and hence professionals of these have been able to keep their profession reserved (like Brahmin only will do the prayer and puja in the temples and on special occasion at individual’s home) and somehow, still been able to maintain the so-called respect that even the young son of a so-called Brahmin desires to get its feet touched, get food first and separately- what a pity, when everybody knows that nobody, can become Brahmin by birth.

This is the reservation all else is show case,

7) During independence movement Swami Dayanand Sarswati tried, first to break this reservation and organization and created ‘Arya Samaj’, which is still busy in this (Degradation in thought process and services of this type of organization indicates its overhauling or closure). Woke up by the Arya Samaj, few well read personalities in service class (so called schedule caste) started talking of their class suppression by the Brahmins (defeated) fighter class and as usual cheating by business class. These well read personalities said these suppressions are more paramount than the suppression by British and start demanding separation as few Muslim were asking at that time. Britishers saw more in it its effort to divide and rule and nationalist saw new challenge in their effort of integration of Indian society, for its collective effort against Britishers. In such a situation some agreement between service class and nationalist, some concession by political parties in its rank and file and promise of concessions and reservation in independent India and few immediate concession by Britishers were natural consequence. Here well read personalities among service class failed to understand that such suppression may be natural if the society is not awakened and secondly when entire community/country has suffered or was suffering, then how can any particular section feel that it should not suffer in foreign rule.

Fighter class is first to suffer, Brahmin and Business class are the second to suffer and service class is the third. Suffering of first three class in foreign rule is severe but suppression of service class (being in the service) is continuous and appears harsh. Few thought that it is the Hindu society which is at fault and so gone for religion change, even after seeking concession. It has proven within few years that such conversion can hardly make one free when entire country is not independent and not reached to the harmonious level.

8) With the going of events during independence movements it was of normal consequence that at independence country divides in to two part, with minor but considerable Muslim population becoming one part and in second part these service classes get reservation and thirdly well read personality go wrong in its presumption that by changing religion one can get equal status in others society. This third one get reflected when 'Christian' religion conversion mission (missionary) and Buddhist conversions ask for reservation, and country in its nascent stage has no option but to accept even such requests.

9) In such a situation it is quite normal that politics started revolving around reservations. One party will make concession after concession to such class to maintain its vote bank and second may start doing politics with the support of such class. Other will have no option than to keep mum and have special sections for reserve class so that it also gets something out of it. It is also sequential that who have become habitual of granting reservation and creating ruckus in society will find newer and newer dimensions for it whether it is OBC, OBBC, and minority, Buddhist, Parsis, Jews, and Muslims etc. etc. And those who seen the opportunity of doing politics (profession) on this ground will open up newer and newer political outfit. It may be noted that no karmakandi Brahmin likes other karmakandi Brahmins and similar thing is happening within the reserved categories that no leader likes the other leader of its own clan.

10) Here it may be seen that all reservation seekers seek reservation in services and connected education and this is quite natural as the reservation seeker belongs to service class only, leaving other area like doing business, becoming planner and writer, becoming Brahmin etc. wide open. All these enterprising areas are always open to everybody (The fact remains that by birth Brahmin has not produced much of the real Brahmins world over e.g. Vivekananda, Raidas, and Rajneesh etc.

11) The business class understands that it is the hard work and continuous learning that makes one successful and hence allows or rather forces its children to venture and develop its own course of action and as such did not get stagnated. For the time being fight of anti-reservationists will subside as most of the castes scheduled in Bharat will be given or will be offered lollipop for reservation in government jobs, whereas fight among the constituent will increase. However rallying for and against reservation will subside only after so called beneficiary bahujan samaj and other people find its uselessness in current and future paradigm, and it has already started and will take few years to settle and progress toward fair and free developed society.

Politics which used to revolve around reservation and on divide and rule policy will shift toward integrative and collective betterment. Recent election in Bharat clearly indicated that politics of caste and class, whether of reserve category among Hindu or total Muslim or total Hindu, and double faced party, cannot and will not get clear majority and power and yield results).

12) In contrast to Christian dominated, Muslim dominated and Communist countries, Bharat has typical diversity and unity and as such one should not equate Bharat with America and Australia where native red Indians were first displaced and then to contain them and content them as well as to control them reservation in the name of reservation to minorities was offered. So much so with the background, what is in the present, is that very large section of Bhartiya population feels that Bharat should reach a level of prosperity and respect (of which at least American is not) at the earliest and then will maintain it. Visualising that scenario one can have feeling that in that situation countrymen and women will be free from untouchables, hunger, nakedness, sleeping on pavement, and will have Nyay, good governance and jobs in plenty apart from goodwill and respect at home and good relationship with neighbors, where police is seen as friends and bureaucrat as colleagues, where even to talk of reservation appear nonsensical.

It is sure that people of Bharat feel to reach at that level to regain its lost glory. To achieve the above, following has to be followed:

A. We will have to give respect to all inventions without any patenting right and intellectual property right and connected hefty charges, which are causing emergence of reservation to its professionals (the neo-Brahmin). Government will optimise the fees being charged by consultants, doctors, Chartered accountants, Lawyers, sweepers, carpenters, cook, etc. so as to reduce maximum to minimum earnings ratio.

B. Bharat does not believe in making any community first minority then providing reservation to it and there is no question of following example of such nations.

C. Government will propose to all societies and religions that, offering prayer and performance of Karmiks in place of worship do not remain restricted to one caste, which is decided by the birth. For this society must come out with certain tests for one to become something like Pundit, Priest, Moulvi, etc.

D. No place of worship will be allowed to follow untouchability/restriction of entry to anyone (Code of conduct is altogether different thing). Government will make efforts that such untouchability will become obsolete, in other worship places of the world like Mecca and Medina also.

E. Government will discontinue the special column of religion and caste in all its forms and application forms.

F. Education will have to be made free in totality with some financial support to deserving and needy. New form of town and country will be planned and executed. Employment and job will be created in plenty in construction and agricultural sector. For continuing the present form of reservation (whether it is of Jammu and Kasmir, Nagas, Mijos, Schedule caste, Schedule tribe and other back-ward caste etc.) wider discussion among inter and intra beneficiary need to be augmented for them to come out with proposal, its modus operandi. This is required so that the country reaches to its level of prosperity and respect and regains its lost glory, fulfilling not only basic needs but also hope, aspiration and desire of healthy, happy and holy living.

It is expected that most of the reservation will be done away with, whether it is of caste, constitution or of other. Present form of comfortable reserved (railway) journey and uncomfortable general class; will have to be made instant and comfortable journey to all the desirous.