It is widely believed that politics belongs to the cunning, cheater, thug, looter and bluffers etc. If we closely see then we can appreciate such politician never make it to top or even if they make it, remains for very short period as their name arises out of no agreement and as such cannot last long.

It is said that:

“Jinko kachhu na chahiye we hi shahanshah”. Those are heads (Like king), who doesn’t need anything.

It is not that things don’t come to such people, only the innate desire is not there and their actions are not the outcome of desire of money, name and fame. Bharat in its long tradition had many such people in past, have more at present and will have most in future.

“Niyat saf to manjil asaan” When intention is clear, achievement of goal is easier.

Whenever, innocence of purpose backed with deep conviction, perseverance and goal orientation is seen in the leadership, people have shown faith and backed them with its power. In Bharat, Congress never got the kind of support, as in the nineteen hundred eighties, when in its leader people saw innocence, energized face, and appearance of desirelessness yet derives to do things for the country. Whenever such thing appears; people supported it with full fervor, whichever party she/he belongs to or starting with new rajnetic (political) party/group. This is a fact over and above, all the political tools and gimmicks.

Samajhdar Kowa Gobar Khaye, Bhola Bhachara Doodh Piye. (Intelligent crow eats cow dung, Innocent Calf drinks milk).

Highest Power belongs to innocent, yet fearless, forward looking. Government functions when sage’s feet (sandals- Ram ki khadau) lie on the throne, i.e. top leaders are blessed and protected by the power of seers and sages, such leader and government last long spreading all around happiness.

Many parties never get majority or absolute majority because these parties themselves did not think of it. Alliances are made to show their incapability at first hand and weakness at second hand. Government of Alliances is temporary phase until new leadership emerges/come up, which can decide and direct the public to work for common and over-all growth.

Proprietorship political party has no scope, private limited political party has very little scope, and limited political party has limited scope whereas top leader with integrative attitude and behaviour will have all the scope for him and his rajnetic (political) organization. And these people take the country and society to higher level i.e. toward dharma.

This is the natural course of journey from jungle raj (where might is right) to concrete jungle (where profit is right, and deception is might) to well structured society and country where goodwill is right and ethics is might.