The word politics has been taken from Greek, which means to police, basically a policing activity: It works under the set norms (law) finalized by some body, and even in difficulty hardly question the sanctity of law. It is static in a dynamic world, or it is like running the government with the set of laws, which might have become dead. So called politics regards law book as sacrosanct and in this working starts after taking oath of law book or constitution. In such scenario judiciary system feels handicapped or extra smart, and public; what to say-feels as heap of masses, unable to do anything, and passes their lives cursing everybody.

Rajniti contrary to politics – is ethics of (Raj) government, and here ethics flows from ecology, environment, nature, (Niti, Niyamat se Aati Hai) and as such take natural action, remain dynamic, vibrant and lively. We all understand that the word carries energy waves (Sabd Brahm/world/cosmos) and we can attribute many ills of current politics on this very simple account.

Henceforth we have to use the word Rajniti for governance (Politics for police or we may remove this word) and politics as a profession limited to assistant of rajnetic leaders.

English and other languages are growing because of its adaptability, and these languages will adapt this word, which will then pave the way for world community to use this word and get benefited.

Masters and teachers, practioners and preachers have to give more attention in it than the so called leaders.