‘World’s best will have to be further improved as per the need of the country'

1. For general passenger, a number of second-class coaches will have to be increased. Second class coaches will have to be made better for sitting purpose (all like Jan Satabdi). Water cooler/drinking water facility will have to be arranged in the train itself. Vending machine for Tea, etc., need to be arranged in almost all trains.

2. Last five years statistics are to be taken to increase the number of ordinary second class coaches. Problem in increasing the number of coaches in passenger trains can be encountered with interconnected second class coaches by allowing it to cross the limit of platform. Basic amenities need to be fulfilled first than the comfort-ability and luxury.

3. We have noticed that the government takes extreme steps and this is seen in the case of smoking. We have noticed the difficulties the smoker felt while traveling in long journeys. Necessary research and its implementation will have to be made to incorporate ‘smoking chambers in every train. Smoking chambers at railway stations will also have to be made. In a few cities like Mumbai services of locals has to be improved with inclusion of AC compartment and frequency of two-five minutes. In few routes like Delhi-Kolkata-Chennai-Hyderabad-Bangalore-Mumbai-Delhi, ring railway service has to be started.

4. Ongoing betterment programs will have to be reviewed and also completed on or before time. Bharat will have to make efforts to streamline rail traffic in Bharat countries. In area where mining are going on railway is mainly used for transporting ore without any concern for passenger, in these area better passenger services need to be provided.

5. Recent inclusion of specialized bathroom in Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express trains has failed in its purpose of cleanliness besides it is electric operated and costly. Indian style toilets with exhaust fan with driver operated toilet door system will have to be introduced for railway station cleanliness and hygiene. Cleaning across the railway track will have to be augmented especially in metros and public toilets will have to be made across the track to avoid ugly look, however airplane type toilets need not to be promoted because in India oxidation is very high as compared to colder western countries.

6. For good transport, arrangements have to be made so that transport lorry itself can be transported along with goods to avoid loading unloading twice. It will have to be applied along with improvement in railway wagon and transport. Busy routes need to have separate carriage for goods initially single than double. Interconnection between rail, road, waterway’s and airport has to be augmented.

7. For land sliding zones, engines with radar (ultrasonic) monitoring and control have to be introduced for improved safety, and for foggy weather antifogging/defogger lighting and control system needs to be developed and introduced.

Railway with so large networks needs to take up large scale sanitation and tree plantation activity beside its basic duty of transportation.