A) Psychology wants to see cause for any effect or all effect, whereas Philosophy wants to develop theory for any cause or all cause and both more and less deals in finding existential proof for non existential or nothingness and moves away from reality. Psychology considered to be systematic study of Psyche, developed in its current form by studying sick or disturbed person, and later on it tried to extend its arms on healthy and happy persons as well. It declares the saint as schizophrenic patients, and now in laughing way call schizophrenic patients as saints. Mr. Freud who developed this branch and also the Psychoanalysis never submitted himself for any such analysis even by continuous insistence of his student Mr. Jung. Current breed of Psychologist is busy in finding reasons even for why some body makes love in blue light and other in broad daylight. Psychology is a static branch, and it wants to declare every effect with the cause it has searched till now and that is the reason many Psychologists become Psychic patients themselves.

Psychology if it associates itself with Sadhna/Dhyan, then, it will develop into good conscious science. Philosophy on the other hand has become fool-sophy, one asks foolish question (fool proposes) and philosophers (foolsophers) disposes.
Fools propose – Fool (Philo) Sopher Disposes.

B) In Bharat, we say Darshan (philosophy), which means seeing, and we call such person as Seer, who has seen (German’s has an equal word to it i.e. Philosia). Upnishads, Zen, Tao, Kabala are seer expression and have largest sanity and are sacrosanct.

1. Government needs to encourage Dhyan in Psychological practices and in education.

2. Philosophy need not get that much of encouragement. Seers expression and Paigamber voice will be given due respect which have basic tenets of Dharma Nirpekshta.

3. From Bharat Dhyan went to china and become Chan, and in Japan it is called Zen, which follow immediacy in seeing and its expression, [By this only Japan has developed Kaizen the so called modern management practice]. Person like Seers or Zen masters will have to be requested to take part in Interview of countries top Prabandhan (management) post.

Seer’s experience need to be put forward for our own benefits.