A) World’s oldest profession and a research lab for sex (Kam-internal work) cannot be thought of closing down, where Kamasutra was created amongst (Kam-internal work) prostitutes, where Vivekananda was shown the way by a prostitute after Ram Krishna Paramhansa.
It is heard in some part that a newly married lady used to take blessings from prostitutes for ‘Sada Suhagan’ remaining husbandly throughout life, as prostitutes are considered to be so.

B) Suppression of sex, making it a taboo and interfering in the most private affair of the individual is a conspiracy to make the class first like eunuch and then use it as slave (ox). It is very difficult to use the (sexy men and women) bull against its wishes.

C) Most important factor for flourishing of prostitution is-

Higher divorce rate, low availability and high projection in media, more competitive relationship than loving relationship are the major reasons of prostitution rather than high sexual intensity and because of this presently prostitution is more prevalent in the West

As the intelligence level increases from mere physical to mental, need for sexual variations increase, in such a case prostitutes used to provide easy outlet to vent out pent up energy and money.

D) Married couple feels possessed by one another and after some time stops fiddling with each other and in that case infidelity is going to be a natural outcome for outgoing persons and frustration to the other, and then this new trend further encourages each one to follow its new chosen path i.e. Finding solace outside. Media, religious institutions etc. are expected to play the role to provide sufficient information to play variety in sexual fidelity rather than unknowingly forcing to simple infidelity.

1) Only thing Government has to do in this is to check forceful prostitution. For journey toward prostitution marked by easy and higher divorce rate and followed by poverty, religious discussion will have to be initiated. Government will have to provide support to settle such person outside this settlement of prostitution. It is felt that prevention of prostitution is a social and family responsibility than of government, and government need not intervene much in it.

2) We will have to treat the prostitutes well and the visitor also. Quarterly/timely medical checkup and treatment facility is a must to prevent diseases.

3) Withdraw all legal sanction against prostitution and provide voting rights.

4) Check that tourism does not increase, just because of prostitution. Dance bars can be opened in big hotel and non-residential areas. Love child/or by product will also to be provided with all facilities, DNA test may also be arranged for ascertaining father, only for compensation purpose (legally) and it may be kept secret.

5) Lesbians and gays; the so-called emergence of a new class in the West is an excursion if occasional, and perversion if permanent. Excursion has to be excluded, or occasional has to be omitted, but perversion has to be prevented and need not to be promoted.

Lesbians and Gays are appearing in the circle of so-called modernists whose lives are becoming more hypocritical; media has to play the natural and providing neutrality role in place of glamorizing and glorifying role. As this is a social issue, govt. need not intervene in it in any way on any pretext