Most of the honest people feels and think that they are the only honest, and others are thieves and dacoits. Most of the honest are like those cows that neither give milk nor kick; they feel being honest is the only criteria of success. They forget the very fact that one has to toil the land to get the fruits. In most places it is the thieves, dacoits, looters, cheaters and criminals who feel that they have to work hard to achieve the results, and we can appreciate that they get the results too.

For sixty- seventy percent people, honesty is the forced choice as they do not get chance for corruption, twenty percent are real honest, and rest ten totwenty percent are the one whom this sixty to seventy percent criticizes the most. In this ten to twenty percent criticizeable lot, five to ten percent are first forced and then become habitually corrupt. It is the duty and responsibility of the really honest to first understands this criticizeable lot and then with courage and love changes the scenario for betterment.

1. We will have to encourage and facilitate the honest and strong to take the centre stage. We will have to discuss than erase the clause which prohibit the people working in government sector leaving entire stage to backbencher and family politicians.

Government will have to disseminate the message that how goodness is good to all individuals.