READER: You have rejected brutal force to bring about the necessary changes in the systems, then from your point of view what can be the methods/way- passive resistance, non-violence, soul force or truth force or proactive actions, and what is the historical evidence for the success of these methods. I still think that the evil-doers will not cease doing evil without physical punishment.

EDITOR: Without understanding what actually, passive resistance (resistance is resistance, active and passive are mind game to befool self and others. During war or war like situation powerful countries say ‘either you are with me or it will be construed that you are against me’) and nonviolence (nonviolence is a stage wherein duality between self and other cease to exists i.e. you feel other is your own part-Tatva masi) is, giving extra importance to nonviolence or passive resistance is suicidal. Happiness coming out of freedom is the basic life sustaining value of individual, family, country and society. When out of freedom love extends to entire world then only the feeling of international brotherhood develops and enhances the feeling of non- violence/sacrifice.

Worldly love and selfless karma (benevolence) can be observed in every nook and corner of the world. Every new generation contains entire history in its head, future in figure (physique) and present in his heart.

Needle is required to remove nail from the foot and after nail is removed you leave the needle as well, such is case with violence or nonviolence.

On the similar question reply of Mr. Gandhi:

The poet Tulsidas has said: “Of religion, pity, or love, is the root, as egotism of the body. Therefore, we should not abandon pity so long as we are alive.” This appears to me to be a scientific truth. I believe in it as much as I believe in two and two being four. The force of love is the same as the force of the soul or truth. We have evidence of its working at every step. The universe would disappear without the existence of that force. But you ask for historical evidence. It is, therefore, necessary to know what history means. The Gujarati equivalent means: “It so happened”. If that is the meaning of history, it is possible to give copious evidence. But, if it means the doings of the kings and emperors, there can be no evidence of soul-force or passive resistance in such history. You cannot expect silver ore in a tin mine. History, as we know it, is a record of the wars of the world, and so there is a proverb among Englishmen that a nation which has no history, that is, no wars, is a happy nation. How kings played, how they became enemies of one another, how they murdered one another is found accurately recorded in history, and if this were all that had happened in the world, it would have been ended long ago. If the story of the universe had commenced with wars, not a man would have been found alive today. Those people who have been warred against have disappeared as, for instance, the natives of Australia of whom hardly a man was left alive by the intruders. Mark please, that these natives did not use soul force in self- defense, and it does not require much foresight to know that the Australians will share the same fate as their victims. “Those that take the sword shall perish by the sword.” With us the proverb is that professional swimmers will find a watery grave.

The fact that there are so many men still alive in the world shows that it is not based on the force of arms but on the force of truth or love. Therefore, the greatest and most unimpeachable evidence of the success of this force is to be found in the fact that, in spite of the wars in the world, it still lives on.

Thousands, indeed tens of thousands, depend for their existence on a very active working of this force. Little quarrels of millions of families in their lives disappear before the exercise of this force. Hundreds of nations live in peace. History does not and cannot take note of this fact. History is really a record of every interruption of the even working of this force of love or of the soul. Two brothers quarrel; one of them repents and re-awakens the love that was lying dormant in him; and the two again began to live in peace; nobody takes note of this. But if the two brothers, through the intervention of solicitors or some other reason take up arms or go to law which is another form of brute force, their doings would be immediately noticed in the press, they would be the talk of their neighbors and would probably go down to history. And what is true of families and communities is true of nations. There is no reason to believe that there is one law for families and another for nations. History, then, is a record of an interruption of the course of Nature. Soul-force, being natural is not noted in history.

QST: According to what you say, it is plain that instances of this kind of passive resistance are not to be found in history. It is necessary to understand passive resistance more fully. It will be better, therefore, if you enlarge upon it.

ANS: Passive resistance is a method of securing rights by personal suffering; it is the reverse of resistance by arms. When I refuse to do a thing that is repugnant to my conscience, I use soul-force. For instance, the Government of the day has passed a law which is applicable to me. I do not like it. If by using violence I force the Government to repeal the law, I am employing what may be termed body-force. If I do not obey the law and accept the penalty for its breach, I use soul-force. It involves sacrifice of self. Everybody admits that sacrifice of self is infinitely superior to sacrifice of others. Moreover, if this kind of force is used in a cause that is unjust, only the person using it suffers. He does not make others suffer for his mistakes.

Men have before now done many things which were subsequently found to have been wrong. No man can claim that he is absolutely in the right or that a particular thing is wrong because he thinks so, but it is wrong for him so long as that is his deliberate judgment. It is therefore meet that he should not do that which he knows to be wrong, and suffer the consequence whatever it may be. This is the key to the use of soul-force.

READER: By showing or projecting love to people of other countries you may jeopardize security of the country and it will be a disregard of laws as well? They say that we must obey the laws that have been passed, but that if the laws be bad, we must drive out the law- givers even by force.

EDITOR: Laws are not to be formed to take or to extract from others, laws are to be formed to protect the flora and fauna, laws are to be formed to distribute, laws are to be formed to enhance the love and appreciate the Nature.

Any law contrary to this is a set of document of advantage seeker or the people who have gone astray. Bad laws do not enhance life sustaining valve and as such cannot continue for long however ways and means to shun the bad may vary as per time, place and person. In a fully grown society love (benevolence) is the only way, any other way including compassion will lead to catastrophe.

On the similar question reply of Mr. Gandhi:

Whether I go beyond them or whether I do not is a matter of no consequence to either of us. We simply want to find out what is right and to act accordingly. The real meaning of the statement that we are a law-abiding nation is that we are passive resisters. When we do not like certain laws, we do not break the heads of law-givers but we suffer and do not submit to the laws. That we should obey laws whether good or bad is a newfangled nation.

There was no such thing in former days. The people disregarded those laws they did not like and suffered the penalties for their breach. It is contrary to our manhood if we obey laws repugnant to our conscience. Such teaching is opposed to religion and means slavery. If the Government were to ask us to go about without any clothing, should we do so? If I were a passive resister, I would say to them that I would have nothing to do with their law. But we have so forgotten ourselves and become so compliant that we do not mind any degrading law.

A man who has realized his manhood, who fears only God, will fear no one else. Man-made laws are not necessarily binding on him. Even the Government does not expect any such thing from us. They do not say: “You must do such and such a thing,” but they say: “If you do not do it, we will punish you.” We are sunk so low that we fancy that it is our duty and our religion to do what the law lays down. If man will only realize that it is unmanly to obey laws that are unjust, no man’s tyranny will enslave him. This is the key to self- rule or home-rule.

It is a superstition and ungodly thing to believe that an act of a majority binds a minority. Many examples can be given in which acts of majorities will be found to have been wrong and those of minorities to have been right. All reforms owe their origin to the initiation of minorities in opposition to majorities. If among a band of robbers knowledge of robbing is obligatory, is a pious man to accept the obligation? So long as the superstition that men should obey unjust laws exists, so long will their slavery exist. And a passive resister alone can remove such a superstition.

To use brute force, to use gunpowder, is contrary to passive resistance, for it means that we want our opponent to do by force that which we desire but he does not. And if such a use of force is justifiable, surely he is entitled to do likewise by us. And so we should never come to an agreement. We may simply fancy, like the blind horse moving in a circle round a mill, that we are making progress. Those who believe that they are not bound to obey laws which are repugnant to their conscience have only the remedy of passive resistance open to them. Any other must lead to disaster.

QST: From what you say I deduce that passive resistance is a splendid weapon of the weak, but that when they are strong they may take up arms.

ANS: This is gross ignorance. Passive resistance, that is, soul- force, is matchless. It is superior to the force of arms. How, then can it he considered only a weapon of the weak? Physical-force men are strangers to the courage that is requisite in a passive resister. Do you believe that a coward can ever disobey a law that he dislikes?

Extremists are considered to be advocates of brute force. Why do they, then, talk about obeying laws? I do not blame them. They can say nothing else. When they succeed in driving out the English and they themselves become governors, they will want you and me to obey their laws. And that is a fitting thing for their constitution. But a passive resister will say he will not obey a law that is against his conscience, even though he may be blown to pieces at the mouth of a cannon.

What do you think? Wherein courage is required-in blowing others to pieces from behind a cannon, or with a smiling face to approach a cannon and be blown to pieces? Who is the true warrior be, who keeps death always as a bosom-friend, or he who controls the death of others? Believe me that a man devoid of courage and manhood can never be a passive resister.

This however, I will admit: that even a man weak in body is capable of offering this resistance. One man can offer it just as well as millions. Both men and women can indulge in it. It does not require the training of an army; it needs no jujitsu. Control over the mind is alone necessary, and when that is attained, man is free like the king of the forest and his very glance withers the enemy.

Passive resistance is an all-sided sword, it can be used anyhow; it blesses him who uses it and him against whom it is used. Without drawing a drop of blood it produces far reaching results. It never rusts and cannot he stolen. Competition between passive resisters does not exhaust. The sword of passive resistance does not require a scabbard. It is strange indeed that you should consider such a weapon to be a weapon merely of the weak.

READER: What is non-violence?

EDITOR: Act of That which is not violent is non-violence. As per Hind Swaraj; the principle of non-violence and love was enunciated by Buddha and Christ centuries ago. It has been applied through these centuries by individual people with success on small clear-cut issues. As it has been recognized, and as Gerald Heard has pointed out, “the world-wide and age-long interest of Mr. Gandhi’s experiment lies in the fact that he has attempted to make the method work in what may be called the wholesale or national scale.” The difficulties of that application are obvious, but Mr. Gandhi trusts that they are not insurmountable. The experiment seemed impossible in India in 1921 and had to be abandoned, but what was then impossible became possible in 1930. Even now the question often arises: “What is a non-violent means?” It will take long practice to standardize the meaning and content of this term. But the means thereof is self-purification and more self-purification. What Western thinkers often lose sight of is that the fundamental condition of non-violence is love, and pure unselfish love is impossible without unsullied purity of mind and body.

READER: What is violence?

EDITOR: Violence is violation of senses or norm or to say sensible norms either by physical act or by verbal abuses or by mind game. Grey collared people (male and female) generally resort to physical violence whereas white collared one resorts to mental violence. Many a times, it is the mental violence which provokes physical action but due to our concurrent useless definitions we call physical action as violence and leave mental violator as innocent.

Violence can further be defined as a state when your activity, thought process, your attitude your action are directed and diverted toward fulfilling your lust and greed against those who come in between as hindrance can be called as violent (for example a lion is said to become violent when he start killing even after his need for food is fulfilled. An army is said to be violent when it kill after winning the war, or when at our house women/men break utensil, furniture etc. even after their need is fulfilled, then they can we called violent).

Those, who are physically more powerful, demonstrate their violence with muscle power e.g. Lion, wild animals, army etc. Those who are mentally more powerful demonstrate their violence with mind game e.g. verbal abuses, diplomacy, harming self so that other take their side to criticize and pressurizes, sitting on hunger strike etc. And, those who are mentally as well as physically strong are not expected to be violent but, if they become, one must pray the god to save them and this is the only category that can claim to be practicing non-violence(like good government in country toward its masses).

READER: Was Mr. Gandhi following violence or non-violence during his freedom movement?

EDITOR: That is very hard to say, everybody including himself thinks that His (Mr. Gandhi’s) way was non-violent, before I say anything about violence or non-violence of Mr. Gandhi I would like to quote him from his Hind Swaraj itself.

1) I came in contact with every known Indian anarchist in London. Their bravery impressed me, but I felt that violence was no remedy for India’s ills, and that her civilization required the use of a different and higher weapon for self-protection.

2) The Partition has not only made a rift in the English ship but has made it in ours also. Great events always produce great results. Our leaders are divided into two parties: the Moderates and the Extremists. These may be considered as the slow party and the impatient party. Some call the Moderates the timid party, and the Extremists the bold party. All interpret the two words according to their preconceptions. This much is certain, that there has arisen an enmity between the two. The one distrusts the other and imputes motives. At the time of the Surat Congress there was almost a fight. I think that this division is not a good thing for the country, but I think also that such divisions will not last long. It all depends upon the leaders how long they will last.

3) Passive resistance is a method of securing rights by personal suffering; it is the reverse of resistance by arms. When I refuse to do a thing that is repugnant to my conscience, I use soul-force. For instance, the Government of the day has passed a law which is applicable to me. I do not like it. If by using violence I force the Government to repeal the law. I am employing what may be termed body-force. If I do not obey the law and accept the penalty for its breach, I use soul-force. It involves sacrifice of self. Everybody admits that sacrifice of self is infinitely superior to sacrifice of others. Moreover, if this kind of force is used in a cause that is unjust, only the person using it suffers. He does not make others suffer for his mistakes. Men have before now done many things which were subsequently found to have been wrong. No man can claim that he is absolutely in the right or that a particular thing is wrong because he thinks so, but it is wrong for him so long as that is his deliberate judgment. It is therefore meet that he should not do that which he knows to be wrong, and suffer the consequence whatever it may be. This is the key to the use of soul-force.

4) The only part of the programme which is now being carried out is that of non-violence. But I regret to have to confess that even that is not being carried out in the spirit of the book. If it were, India would establish Swaraj in a day. If India adopted the doctrine of love as an active part of her religion and introduced it in her politics, Swaraj would descend upon India from heaven. But I am painfully aware that that event is far off as yet.

5) I offer these comments because I observe that much is being quoted from the booklet to discredit the present movement. I have even seen writings suggesting that I am playing a deep game, that I am using the present turmoil to foist my fads on India, and am making religious experiments at India’s expense. I can only answer that Satyagraha is made of sterner stuff. There is nothing reserved and nothing secret in it. A portion of the whole theory of life described in Hind Swaraj is undoubtedly being carried into practice. There is no danger attendant upon the whole of it being practised. But it is not right to scare away people by reproducing from my writings passages that are irrelevant to the issue before the country. Mohandas K. Gandhi, Young India, January, 1921
From the writing (Hind Swaraj) it appears that the non-violence of Mr. Gandhi was more a strategy then benevolence. Mr. Gandhi tried to live his life to prove that his non-violence is real and is not a strategy. This appears like a boy strategically arranged his marriage with a girl and then spending his married life pretending that it is an outcome of love (I am not denying that many times fake do become real). In such cases even at the event of divorce boy never commit that his love was a part of strategy (in World war-II armed forces from India to defend British Empire was send with the permission of Mr. Gandhi in which approx. ten lakh plus soldier died) and maintains the norms by giving alimony to estrange wife (like Mr. Gandhi maintained his non-violence even after being a party for killing of ten lakh plus soldiers).

It appeared that Mr. Gandhi tried hard to become and portray himself as non-violent knowing full well that non-violence is like a water jet spring forth from the ground to quench the thirst of self(one can also refer Mr. Gandhi’s discussion with his master Shri Raj Chandra, which is available at Raj Chandra’s ashram at Anand).

There is nothing wrong in strategizing, rather I feel non-violence was the leading option available with the country to organize its masses to come out from its sleep, hiding and infighting and prepare masses for the fight for the freedom of Bharat.

READER: Mr. Gandhi said that Hindu is non-violent and Muslim is Violent what do you say on this statement?

EDITOR: It is very unfortunate of Mr. Gandhi, that to prove his point that Hindus are non-violent and non-killing quoted Tulsidas Ji (The poet Tulsidas has said: “Of religion, pity, or love, is the root, as egotism of the body), but forgets Ram, who killed the evil doers.

Sanatan Dharma never teaches anyone to bow down or cow- down in front of miscreants, evil doers-Satan, rather it maintains that we must have strength to punish the evil doer and forgive the juvenile like we forgive children at home for their smaller mistake or mischief. If one has any doubt one can refer all Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, and Ramayana. I don’t how and why Mr. Gandhi has forgotten. Sanatan Dharma never asks anybody to initiate the fight and as such cannot be regarded as violent or coward.

As far as Muslims are concerned it is plain truth that Allah loved not the aggressor, hence Muslims too cannot be regarded as violent and Muslims too are not coward.

READER: You have said that love is a specialty of India. Have cannons never been used in India?

EDITOR: Christ has used love, non-violence and sacrifice, however Christian also used/using hate, war and violence, it is just that Bharat in its earnest desire to provide happiness to mankind found that love is the only way to provide life and sustain it. As we grow and as society grow, love changes shape from raw to refine. Cannons are being used in every time, everywhere (as storm, earth quack and volcano do erupt) but these are not examples for day to day life. Love is the law.

READER: From what you say I deduce that passive resistance is a splendid weapon of the weak, but that when they are strong they may take up arms.

EDITOR: Before we proceed further we would like you to refer topic of ‘Violence, Non Violence, Peace and Rhythm’ from Mita –Life style agenda:


1) Strange and paradoxical things do happen in the Nature and our history has its sufficient record. Deterioration in Bharat appeared after the exaggeration of nonviolence by Buddha and Mahavir and now, improvement started after the non-violence movement by Gandhiji and his followers. “The very cause by which downfall started in Bharat also become the cause of upward trend.”
2) Ultimately game is decided by the power/strength, if power is with bad people/ rakshas/asur/daitya/danav than society will be fearful, lawless, suppressed etc. and if the power/strength is with good people/Devta than of course society will be with full of goodness.
3) When Mahavir Jain was asked by a person “that everybody says that one should have strength and awareness, what is your views, Mahavir Jain replied that perhaps in my opinion “it is good that bad people remain weak and unaware and it is good that good people remain powerful, in strength and be aware (do not know how and when this exaggeration of nonviolence breeds in the Jains of the country).
4) All opposes violence as fun, or killing for fun, Allah loved not the aggressor, nor did Krishna start war. Who so- ever become Adharmic (unreligious-Kafir) needs punishment. Dharma-Yuddha/ Jihad (war) is a requirement if large group or particular section of society start following or supporting the Adharmic (non religious) practices.
In all such Dharma-Yuddha Jihad/war the top leader does not kill anybody with his own hands, like Krishna. Such only, can remain nonviolent even at the centre of war; otherwise people support non- violence of common and violence of particular (of police and Army).
5) Fighting in life always continues, even in our body, white cell continues to remain in war with virus and bacteria, and as such peace is achieved only when one is reduced to pieces i.e. at death. What is generally achieved is rhythm and is the one we need to aim at. Government will have to take an integrated approach on all the above and encourage its efforts for rhythm internally and externally.

On the same question reply of Mr. Gandhi is:

Evidently, in your opinion, India means its few princes. To me it means its teeming millions on whom depends the existence of its princes and our own.

Kings will always use their kingly weapons. To use force is bred in them. They want to command, but those who have to obey commands do not want guns: and these are in a majority throughout the world. They have to learn either body-force or soul-force. Where they learn the former, both the rulers and the ruled become like so many madmen; but where they learn soul force, the commands of the rulers do not go beyond the point of their swords, for true men disregard unjust commands. Peasants have never been subdued by the sword, and never will be. They do not know the use of the sword, and they are not frightened by the use of it by others. That nation is great which rests its head upon death as its pillow. Those who defy death are free from all fear. For those who are labouring under the delusive charms of brute-force, this picture is not overdrawn. The fact is that, in India, the nation at large has generally used passive resistance in all departments of life. We cease to co- operate with our rulers when they displease us. This is passive resistance.

I remember an instance when, in a small principality, the villagers were offended by some command issued by the prince. The former immediately, began vacating the village. The prince became nervous, apologized to his subjects and withdrew his command. Many such instances can be found in India. Real Home Rule is possible only where passive resistance is the guiding force of the people. Any other rule is foreign rule.

QST: Then you will say that it is not at all necessary for us to train the body?

ANS: I will certainly not say any such thing. It is difficult to become a passive resister unless the body is trained. As a rule, the mind, residing in a body that has become weakened by pampering, is also weak, and where there is no strength of mind there can be no strength of soul. We shall have to improve our physique by getting rid of infant marriages and luxurious living. If I were to ask a man with a shattered body to face a cannon’s mouth I should make a laughing-stock of myself.

QST: From what you say, then, it would appear that it is not a small thing to become a passive resister, and, if that is so, I should like you to explain how a man may become one.

ANS: To become a passive resister is easy enough but it is also equally difficult. I have known a lad of fourteen years become a passive resister; I have known also sick people do likewise; and I have also known physically strong and otherwise happy people unable to take up passive resistance. After a great deal of experience it seems, to me that those who want to become passive resisters for the service of the country have to observe perfect chastity, adopt poverty, follow truth, and cultivate fearlessness.

Chastity is one of the greatest disciplines without which the mind cannot attain requisite firmness. A man who is unchaste loses stamina, becomes emasculated and cowardly. He whose mind is given over to animal passions is not capable of any great effort. This can be proved by innumerable instances.

What, then, is a married person to do is the question that arises naturally; and yet it need not. When a husband and wife gratify the passions, it is no less an animal indulgence on that account. Such an indulgence, except for perpetuating the race, is strictly prohibited. But a passive resister has to avoid even that very limited indulgence because he can have no desire for progeny. A married man, therefore, can observe perfect chastity. This subject is not capable of being created at greater length. Several questions arise:

How is one to carry one’s wife with one, what are her rights, and other similar questions. Yet those who wish to take part in a great work are bound to solve these puzzles.

Just as there is necessity for chastity, so is there for poverty. Pecuniary ambition and passive resistance cannot well go together. Those who have money are not expected to throw it away, but they are expected to be indifferent about it. They must be prepared to lose every penny rather than give up passive resistance.
Passive resistance has been described in the course of our discussion as truth force.
Truth, therefore, has necessarily to be followed and that at any cost.
In this connection, academic questions such as whether a man may not lie in order to save a life, etc., arise, but these questions occur only to those who wish to justify lying. Those who want to follow truth every time are not placed in such a quandary; and if they are, they are still saved from a false position.

Passive resistance cannot proceed a step without fearlessness. Those alone can follow the path of passive resistance who are free from fear, whether as to their possessions, false honour, their relatives, the government, bodily injuries or death.

These observances are not to be abandoned in the belief that they are difficult. Nature has implanted in the human breast ability to cope with any difficulty or suffering that may come to man unprovoked. These qualities are worth having, even for those who do not wish to serve the country. Let there be no mistake, as those who want to train themselves in the use of arms are also obliged to have these qualities more or less. Everybody does not become a warrior for the wish. A would-be warrior will have to observe chastity and to be satisfied with poverty as his lot. A warrior without fearlessness cannot be conceived of. It may be thought that he would not need to be exactly truthful, but that quality follows real fearlessness. When a man abandons truth, he does so owing to fear in some shape or form. The above four attributes, then, need not frighten anyone. It may be as well here to note that a physical- force man has to have many other useless qualities which a passive resister never needs. And you will find that whatever extra effort a swordsman needs is due to lack of fearlessness. If he is an embodiment of the latter, the sword will drop from his hand that very moment. He does not need its support. One who is free from hatred requires no sword. A man with a stick suddenly came face to face with a lion and instinctively raised his weapon in self-defence. The man saw that he had only prated about fearlessness when there was none in him. That moment he dropped the stick and found himself free from all fear.

READER: what do you say on above Conversation/statement of Mr. Gandhi?

EDITOR: For service of the country in given paradigm, i.e. regarding observance of passive resistance and cultivation of fearlessness, perfect chastity and adoption of poverty, besides basic truthfulness, it will be better if you refer excerpts from various topics- Old And Wise (Wise Ones Of Old), Life Span And Its Division (Ashram Vyavastha), Safal (Success) - The Right Fruit, Society’s Security And Safety, Terrorism And Terrorist, Children, Celibates, Saints, Sadhus And The Sage, Prostitution, Sex, Poverty, Poverty , G.d.p. Vis- A- Vis G.h.r. (Gross Happiness Ratio), Belief, Faith, Trust And Truth of Mita-Life Style Agenda, before arriving at some conclusion.


Generally static definitions are given even for dynamics of life, but how a static definition can explain or be fitted into dynamics of life? Dynamics of life can be explained by dynamic definition only and can be appreciated in following two ways.
A) People who believe in the evolution theory and practice, for them, human mind is ever expanding and increasing in physical size, here dynamism takes place in the form of:
Here development does not take place in one generation only, but keeps on from generation to generation. Each new baby looks from the shoulder of its parents and so look further. Young generation takes the task from where old have left, and in that way take full advantage of elders’ experience.
It can be said that young’s forward journey depends on elder’s completed journey. Each new invention takes place on the base of older inventions, and in this way no invention can be said to be original. For each present achievement even lives, we are obliged to old and hence duty bound to pay the debts to our parents and whole society.
The profounder of this theory says, “Human is fruiting of entire evolution process and humanity is the development of this process, that is in this fruit (seed) entire evolution is hidden”.
B) Sages and seers give credit to their Gurus and Gurus to their Gurus and finally to master or the first Guru, the Brahaspati, and Brahaspati says he has seen it with The Brahma and ‘Brahma’ says, he has experienced it from ‘Brahma’ (the cosmos) itself- the dynamic and ever expanding universe. In a way profounder of this theory says there is nothing new under the sun and in the universe. In this regard followings are submitted:
In both ways, older are regarded as the base and the wise.
Government will have to take the help of wise and old in its various institutions, and in its various functions of respect. Government will also encourage the religious institutions, to find ways and means to get the society benefited from the service of old and wise.
Government will have to promote wisdom centers, where new technology/theory will be sent for clearance before application to see its usability, side effect and overall impact. Government will also have to promote regional centers of creative and suggestive work bank being run by wise and old.
All the so-called new invention takes place on the base of wisdom of older generation, feedback of society, imagination and intuition provided by Nature; claiming any authority and entire ownership of any new addition is utter nonsense and foolishness of intelligence and accepting such claims is more so. Bharat and entire East with its golden past and master creator deny any claim of anybody or any country on any wisdom (intellectual) property right or law.
Twig cannot fall without the permission of whole tree. All inventions are guided by humanity and result of all such invention belongs to the entire humanity. Entire Intellectual property right and patent law have no ground and have to be done away with.


Children education to start from six years and can be same for both boys and girls up to twelve years of age, from twelve years to twenty four years of age boys and girls to be educated separately. Sex education and education for family life has to be imparted at marriageable age i.e. approx twenty four year of age.
From forty eight years to seventy two years people have to be included in family and social service and they can act as advisors, consultants, vigil keepers and involve in Rajniti (politics), in education, Nyay Vyavastha (judiciary) etc. After seventy two years of age people must be included in education system imparting its life experience to young lot.


Everybody knows that babies are born out of sexual activity, yet everybody understands that it is something else than mere sexual activity (The Kam - Karma work), which is responsible or rather reproduces the similar kind. Sexual activity which produces chaos of chromosome may create or may not create. What kind of creation will take place also depends on physical and mental condition of partner, place and weather, etc., and these all shape up the future baby and future of baby.
Of more than twelve thousand subjects It referred during the last twelve years in India, which included, beggar, farmer, reformer, flier, driver and driven, millionaire and billionaire along with country’s premier, everybody said that their parents were slightly less financially sound, but grandfather of every one it talked to was poor. All these people said that “this is because, in their grandparents time the country was not independent, and in their parents time country was at its nascent stage and now we can say that we are at teenager’s stage”.
Everybody said that though success is an individual effort but result is a collective one; efforts, wishes, desires and destiny. Everybody says that if gap between individuals enhances too much like five star hotels and five square meter hut then dacoity and looting, suppression and aggression, provocation and protection, life saving and life taking mechanism increases.
As such, for Safalta (success) everybody indicated the need to have a system based on Nature which is guided by all great sages, messengers and Gurus in current paradigm and is perennial (Sanatan).
It is those, “who follow the guidance of Nature or almighty and surrender their work (Karma) to the Nature, success from their Karma soon cometh to pass, and such are happy and loving”.


Security is must for any survival to survive, child remains secure in the womb of mother, then under the protection of parents and then find security of society and its system. We respect those who assure us security, when we feel secure we express it through love, and when we take part in adventure we show that security is confirmed. At the most any one can put his security at stake and endanger it.
We extend our known security by possession of more and more and we expand our unknown security by prayer of bigger and bigger and mostly of biggest the almighty. Thief finds security at night and others find security in day and takes shelter in its house/home at night. Sadhus find security everywhere and live mostly in isolation, quietude, and solitude and in luxury of natural surroundings.
In a country, generally we all feel secure when we are physically secure, emotionally and economically strong and spiritually awakened, and then country can be called secure. Safety is an attitude to do the things. People feel secure when it’s household and country are physically independent, and its boundaries are secures, and countries have friendly or brotherly relationship with its neighbors.
- As a countryman our primary responsibility is to maintain and enhance our collective safety and security.
-Media need to watch and media needs to be watched for news that can come through outside influence and create doubt/ panic/ over confidence about security and safety.
--Safety and security is a mental concept, we have to disseminate/ spread the right messages so that neither security hype is created nor any under estimation is done, so that we spend rightful amount on it without jeopardizing other dimension of life. Women need to be in charge of internal security whereas men of external security and for this woman need to be trained in Kung-fu, Judo-karate, Karali-kala etc. and men need to be trained in martial arts and all types of weapons.
-Safe and secure country needs safe and secure neighbor, it is our requirement as well as moral responsibility to look after the interest of our neighbor’s security.
-To be strong and loving is admired by all and hardly creates any jealousy and ill will by others such is the need and aim for safe, secure strong societal standard of Bharat.
Healthy and emotionally strong can play the flute in crematorium, and plan the corrective action even at that place; such has to be our aim for country security.
-Whenever we will be able to provide shelter to anybody (political) without bothering about any one we can say that Bharat has become secure and strong, able and capable. However providence of shelter should pass the test of our head and heart as there is no fun in becoming Pollyanna (spreader of bad vibes) doormat or martyr.
“The only aim of life has been searched in countless ways is to remain happy and being in the remembrance of almighty” and for this safety and security has to be safe and secure.


Terrorism is like any other ‘ism’ (e.g. communism, communalism, regionalism and even religionism), but terrorist is an altogether a different breed, they may be driven by terrorism or may be single or isolated lot or in a small group, allowed themselves to the level of genocide.
9/11 happened in America and the many democratic people branded entire Muslims brethren as terrorist, and followed attack on Afghanistan, Iraq, and maintaining constant vigil on all countries with large Muslim population. Gandhi Ji was killed and entire R.S.S. was made responsible of his martyrdom, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was killed and entire Sikh community was branded as killer.” It does not hold such views.”
-Terrorists in killing, in a way, helping to the job of almighty- the master killer and master creator. It just prays for terrorist, not to hurt their hands with blood. There are only two important people in one’s life, one who give birth and another who ends the life, and as such it does not hate terrorist and neither counter to terrorist, and it is so in all the religious text.
-Life begins with negative; children starts saying no in the beginning and then at young age understands where to say no and where to say yes. Old and energy less people say yes for all things.
-Many of the multinational firm who deals with fuel oil reserves, mineral reserves, sales of arms and ammunition do wants that terrorism and terrorist should continue and serve their interest.
It is more often than not that these terrorist activity and wars bring right-minded, people together to work for harmony. If terror activities are increasing it indicates that system needs change and right minded and hearted people have to work hard.
Encouragement of growth oriented, right hearted and headed people and terrorist elimination has to go simultaneously.
Let’s pray that these terrorist and so-called anti terrorist understand the lesson of courage, freedom, and love and enjoy the life in its totality.


“Soul selects the society and family.” Child choreographs, its manifestation from invisible to visible, from unknown to known, from hidden future to settled past through ever afresh present.
Future selects the past and present. In a way it is not past and present which shape the future, rather, it is future which has directed and shaped the entire past and shaping the present continuously.
A. “Krishna, Ram, Buddha, Mahavir, Paggamber, Jesus, Nanak, had selected the royals as their parents. Future asks us to be prepared to give our best and only healthy and happy parent can give good environment to its children, and as such it is the duty of the parents to remain and provide healthy happy and holy atmosphere to its children.
Mostly children are raised by inciting fear; like mother says – if you do this, ghost would eat you, and father says, - I shall beat you. In our society we also follow the same trend; likewise religion says – if you do anything wrong, you will go to hell and Allah would punish you, and Government says if you do wrong you will be put behind the bars. In such a situation of constant fear, healthy development cannot take place, of children at home and mankind in society.
All religious centers have to take the lead to prepare the individual for rightful activity, so as to have healthy, happy and holy baby.


Those who lives in other head lives long, those who lives in other heart lives longer and those who lives in others head and heart lives longest.
Sages lives in people’s heart and head and thus lived in all ages, they hardly move from their place and it is the masses that pay visit to them. Sage allows people to cross the barrier of country and religion and do not belong to coral of any creed, caste, religion and race. Such are the sages- my salutation to all these.
Sages when they say Aham Brahasmi (I am Brahma), they at the same time do say Tatva Masi (you are that). Sages provide the freedom and do not make disciples as to keep the disciple is against the lesson of vary freedom which they provide to their students.
Gurus who impart freedom to their students and do not make them disciple become sage and rest remain as just masters or teachers, who have mastery in one or many areas and have teaching skill.
Sadhu- is one who has caught hold of something in their internal being (Sadhu; jisane kuch sadh liya hai) and as such are master of more than one art. These sadhus move to show off their mastery to help the masses.
Saints on the other hand are those whose end is good. Sant – (Jiska ant achchha hai, as we say Ant bhala to sab bhala (all is well if end is well) slowly and slowly these people get defined and refined on continual basis, these too move and share or express their experience of life and its various vistas with an aim of betterment of large population.
Forced celibates- are exact sin. It is disrespect to their parents, faithlessness to future generation; these people get punished severely and secretly. Celibacy if appeared out of kundalini awakening then these persons reaches directly to sage status, and can be differentiated by the atmosphere (negative or positive) is created by their presence.
People though following the norms, still require to discuss it inter and intra religion and come out with fresh norms for society and government for respect to these positively energized lot.
In the power game, the first lesson is to hide the intention by adjusting the face expression so as to attract or distract the masses, still all such leaders have not been able to adjust the eyeball movement and befool the watcher of eyes.
Bhogi (living), Rogi (diseased), Yogi, Mayavi, Bhairavi are natural progression in life, it depends on individual Dharna, dhyan and Karma where one is destined, (Mayavi achieves physical pleasure with the help of yog, whereas Bhairavi and Manoyogi breaks the barrier of mayavi and clear the path of dharma).
The steadiness and loving expression in eyeball is an indication of journey toward Leader, Sadhu, Saint and finally sage.

(A) World’s oldest profession and a research lab for sex (Kam-internal work) cannot be thought of closing down, where Kamasutra was created amongst (Kam-internal work) prostitutes, where Vivekananda was shown the way by a prostitute after Ram Krishna Paramhansa.
It is heard in some part that a newly married lady used to take blessings from prostitutes for ‘Sada Suhagan’ remaining husbandly throughout life, as prostitutes are considered to be so.
(B) Suppression of sex, making it a taboo and interfering in the most private affair of the individual is a conspiracy to make the class first like eunuch and then use it as slave (ox). It is very difficult to use the (sexy men and women) bull against its wishes.
(C) Most important factor for flourishing of prostitution is-
Higher divorce rate, low availability and high projection in media, more competitive relationship than loving relationship are the major reasons of prostitution rather than high sexual intensity and because of this presently prostitution is more prevalent in the West.
As the intelligence level increases from mere physical to mental, need for sexual variations increase, in such a case prostitutes used to provide easy outlet to vent out pent up energy and money.
(D) Married couple feels possessed by one another and after some time stops fiddling with each other and in that case infidelity is going to be a natural outcome for outgoing persons and frustration to the other, and then this new trend further encourages each one to follow its new chosen path i.e. Finding solace outside.
Media, religious institutions etc. are expected to play the role to provide sufficient information to play variety in sexual fidelity rather than unknowingly forcing to simple infidelity.
1) Only thing Government has to do in this is to check forceful prostitution. For journey toward prostitution marked by easy and higher divorce rate and followed by poverty, religious discussion will have to be initiated. Government will have to provide support to settle such person outside this settlement of prostitution. It is felt that prevention of prostitution is a social and family responsibility than of government, and government need not intervene much in it.
2) We will have to treat the prostitutes well and the visitor also. Quarterly/timely medical checkup and treatment facility is a must to prevent diseases.
3) Withdraw all legal sanction against prostitution and provide voting rights.
4) Check that tourism does not increase, just because of prostitution. Dance bars can be opened in big hotel and non-residential areas. Love child/or by product will also to be provided with all facilities, DNA test may also be arranged for ascertaining father, only for compensation purpose (legally) and it may be kept secret.
5) Lesbians and gays; the so-called emergence of a new class in the West is an excursion if occasional, and perversion if permanent. Excursion has to be excluded, or occasional has to be omitted, but perversion has to be prevented and need not to be promoted.
Lesbians and Gays are appearing in the circle of so-called modernists whose lives are becoming more hypocritical; media has to play the natural and providing neutrality role in place of glamorizing and glorifying role. As this is a social issue, govt. need not intervene in it in any way on any pretext


From birth till death a sexual living being is known as a single identity (Like amoeba, Neem etc) and sexual beings are known as double identity, human (male and female). All the livings asexual or sexual are bisexual in Nature and this is the basis of parts (male or female), feeling fullness even if it remains in isolation.
In sexual act when time and space vanish (at the time of orgasm) seeds of new creations are planted. To continue the Nature sex is the basis and to end the Nature sex is the reason that is how we call almighty the creator, the sustainer and destroyer “Shiva –the love and death”.
In humans sexual energy first take the physical form, (expanding the physique and reservoir for sexual energy) that is up to thirteen to seventeen years and then the reservoir of energy is filled up to twenty two to twenty four years of age, and from then it either moves up and known as kundalini awakening and provide food and energy to heart and head or moves down and creates tension in sexual organs. Any stagnation of sexual energy after twenty nine years of age create imbalance in personality. To remove stagnation, visit to spouse, whore, gigolo or masturbation are available outlet. Male by nature is desirous of variety of being and female is desirous of variety from being.
Sex is the known basis of longevity, self-indulgence, sustenance and termination and recreation and will remain so.
It is the rarest of rare to remain in continuous awakening of Kundalini stage i.e. to remain in upward movement of seminal energy on continuous basis and as such sexual intercourse, masturbation, and wet dreams are applicable to saint and sages also. This upward movement and continual cosmic orgasm facility is available or provided to Brahma.
Bharat understanding above may start removing mores, taboos, from its system and will propagate the same.
In Physio-Psychological dimension in mammals including human, sexual exploration of self, then of same, then opposite, then expedition to opposite and then pause are the norm and after this pause the same cycle repeats in Psychodynamic dimension till death or at the most one can stop growing and reach to his/her death. “Gays” and “lesbians” marriages are the rarest exceptions in Nature and do not need any legislation and normalization by any government and have to be left to society only.
1. Uptil kundlini is not awakened single person i.e. (without hetro- sexual spouse/partner) in the temple, mosque, monastery, church and Gurudwara may either remain as subdued or may create nuisance in the area of illegitimate sexual gratification or sexual abuse and will jeopardize sanctity of religious place. Hence such place must have married people in their age of Banprastha Ashram (forty eight year plus) or Sanyas Ashram (seventy two years plus) as head as well as performer of rituals/prayers. Unmarried, divorced and widowed person can remain in such religious place but as in secondary and in supporting positions.
2. Forced bachelorship in many organizations of repute has given foul smell of sexual use or abuse. Such organization need to change themselves to remain intact.
3. To expose (sexual) and eliminate in political circle and in other enmity will definitely remain a casuse of concern for our society. Media need to take wholesome view in expose and elimination.
4. Eve teasing /rape is also because of high projection of sex and its low availability, one because of media and other because of stigma/taboo attached with sex, these need to be discussed in the society for corrective action.


Some say, “If one bucket is overflowing then other will remain dry”.
It is said that “famines are the result of bad Prabandhan (Management) or arrangement”, similarly it can be said about poverty, otherwise Nature has given more than the required to sustain its Nature.
It is the mass poverty and massive difference between riches and ordinaries at first place, which causes subjugation of any society, and further add to its mass poverty. It is contrary to general belief that enslavement of society at first place causes poverty of general public. To maintain the freedom at large it is necessary to reduce or remove poverty and poverty causing phenomenon, whether it is religious (like it is result of ill doing in the last birth, or the doors of god is for poor, or it is good to give alms in Ramzan month or taking alms is kingly, as king Gautam Buddha, and king Mahaveer also taken it) along with social (richness is burden, and it is poor who can sleep well).
Alms taker (Bhikari) had rarely reached to richness. Those who depend on Alms, donations, and subsidy hardly make up to decent living. It is observed that middle class, rich and even billionaire take advantage of these subsidies, donations by manipulation and further add to their fortune, leaving poor more poor.
Religious discussion will be promoted to erase the concept that poverty is once birth right and death destiny.
Government will initiate discussions on above to come out at conclusion along with course of action to follow, so as to reduce or erase abject poverty.
We need to see that difference in income between top and bottom worker in any sector (government or private) does not increase by more than fifteen times. This gap has to be reduced either by raising lower or lowering raised or by both and this can vary from sector to sector.
Government will have to promote Act of Living and Art of Living for harmonious society as it has been said that


Family at home and Government in country must follow the expenditure pattern as:
(1) 25% as repayment: to mother and father i.e. to the elder generation, i.e. to Banprasth ashram/kashtriya-leadership, police, army, judiciary
(2) 25% as loan: to son and daughter-to the younger generation/ Bhramcharya ashram- students/Sudra-service sector.
(3) 25% as expenditure: to self and spouse i.e. to present generation/ Grihastha ashram/business class-to maintain trade and commerce,
(4) 25% as contribution: to grandparents/contribution to society and government, region and religion/Sanyas ashram/Brahmins- teachers, planners, masters, ombudsman.
(5) When one dies his/her will in respect of assets must be respected. If one has not written one’s will than distribution of wealth must be discussed in the society; in presence of family member, senior and respected member of society, senior official of government and in wealth distribution of deceased some portion must go the government relief fund as well as for society welfare. This must be on case to case basis.
It reflects that one need not to amass wealth suppressing his/her desire.
All budgets must emanate from above, and budgeting has to be done by each segment and sector and then collectively.


As such, Gross domestic product (G.D.P.) is incorrect terms, for
eight percent growth it gives impression like:
Eight percent growth: in poverty of poor.
Eight percent growth: in development of developed.
Eight percent growth: in no development of undeveloped.
Eight percent growth: in the looting, crimes, naxalite and militant activities, as well as submissiveness of downtrodden and goodness of Good.
Over emphasis on GDP has given rise to increased imbalance, enhanced gap between poor and riches in society. Increase in theft and dacoity, looting in day light, apart from other criminal and naxalite activity can be attributed to the phenomenon of excess importance to GDP. As percentage of oxygen in total air remains almost same and has to remain same, such growth in ecology or economics is an indication of disturbance/imbalance
As such term GDP needs replacement with gross happiness ratio, where in GHR can be defined as a ratio
Gross happiness ratio (GHR) = A/B
A: Total Expenditure of government and public on infrastructure, Strength building and maintain, food and fitness, diet and design, fashion and entertainment, reserve and research, development and decoration, benevolence etc.
B: Total expenditure of government and public on health, litigation, and so called moral preaching, crisis management and mortuary business
Increased gross happiness ratio will provide larger amount of life sustaining force to all of us.
When trend is upward growth happens in infrastructure food and fitness, diet and design, fashion and entertainment, reserve and research, development and decoration, when the trend is downward growth happens in health, litigation, and preaching and mortuary business.


Nanak says, “That which can be negated/crossed is not truth; non- violence is negated in war and hence not a truth.” We take birth, live and then die and thus life also gets negated, that’s why Grantha says, “Life is Leela, Maya or Drama”.
Between birth and death as we appear so is between perpetual truths, situational truth appears, and also valued accordingly. Both these truths are flowing continuously in Nature and appear in individual as faith, those who believe the faith can say that earth is flat and those who have tested and tasted the truth will say that earth is round and rotates round the energy source, trust experience.
If you want to break a man or a community, then break their faith, and best way to do is to break their faith (religious) centers- Mandir, Masjid and Church etc. or make them defunct/inactive. And if you want to unite a men or a community then make their faith (religious) centers (Mandir, Masjid and Church etc.) or make them active and operational i.e. reconstruct their religious centre.
“Taste creates the trust,” Bharat does not work as per any belief but works as per its own testing and tasting.”

READER: From what you say, then, it would appear that it is not a small thing to follow benevolence, and, if that is so, I should like you to explain how a man may become (benevolent) one.

EDITOR: Listen to your heart, it give sound of one hand clapping, a sound without the use of another hand, it give sound of what to do so as to make self and other happy, heart give sound of sacrifice as well as sound to accept the offering.

Any emotion passed from heart become pure and then what ever you say becomes pure. Certainly it is not easy to become strong and listeners of heart but by sitting near to masters one can easily become one.