Pride lies in being self-sufficient, respecting the inter dependence, being in serenity to accept and in capability and ability to give.
Any self-degrading effect or suppression of weak or ill practice turns the color of pride to black. Keeping our work or currency lower or upper eludes the pride.
When an apple is sold at four dollar/euro/pond per piece it is as easier to French or Briton to buy it as it is easy to Bhartiya to buy it at Rupees four. Discrimination and its chain effect start when it is to be bought at Rupees two hundred a piece by Indian in other countries. Equality of currency has to be bought at the earliest and to be maintained even if we have to live half hungry for the time being.

Bliss arrives at, after the pride enhances to its highest level and remains so in an awakened country.

Bliss is maintained by remaining close to nature and self-restriction to manipulate the nature in big way (e.g. river linking project, large scale dams, deep sea exploration and nuclear testing in deep sea will bring disaster).

“Pride comes with providence, whereas bliss is in the lap of nature”