Energy is delight and power is derived from energy. We are well within our right to expect continuation of delight and it’s our duty to see that our future generations should not curse us for having used the entire raw material or energy source.

Following is submitted for energy:

1. Many of the state governments of many countries failed to provide energy security to its habitants. For large scale production and transport/ transmission of fuel oil, coal, atomic power and electrical energy, national character is needed, however for local distribution help of society through its religious centre will be the best. Private participation in distribution has not yielded much result whether in Delhi or Columbia. Government must ensure continuous elecrtic supply at optimized rate by preferably by government sector.

2. Natural gas compressed or liquified for cooking need to priority than any other area. Automobiles need to be modified to have two fuel input; CNG- petrol/diesel with solar panels, or small wind turbine to charge batteries and power for other car accessories etc. Fuel oil, natural gas kerosene, diesel need to be sold on the basis of calorific value; as subsidy is detrimental for the harmonious growth of that society for which it is given. Selling rate of petroleum products need to be the same throughout the country.

3. Forest and other unauthorized tree cutting need to be reduced by modifying forest law and stoppage of export of any raw or low cost wood items. (Hydrocarbon and oxides (nitrogen and Sulfur) absorbent plant needs to be developed and planted at mining, refining and petrochemical areas to reduce pollution.) By large scale tree cover requirement of air conditioner (maximum power is consumed in it)

4. Coal based plant need not be encouraged- as coal based power plants have maximum forty percent efficiency out of which ten percent is consumed in power plant to produce power, fifteen-twenty percent is consumed in extracting and transportation of coal from collieries and transporting of power to customers leaves only thirty percent net energy for use .This energy is produced giving large air pollution, problem of ash disposal beside other ecological disturbances. Fuel-oil based and gas based power plants also need to be optimized. In place of these small to medium Hydro, smaller to medium biogas plants, large windmills, and large use of solar energy and selective but sufficiently large Nuclear power plant will have to be made.

5. Special care need to be taken to avoid the kind of development which can paralyze entire country or continent by failure of electric supply thus connected yet separate/segragated grid system has to be continued.

6. Basic houses and household articles, offices need to be designed so that they use maximum natural sunlight, air cooling and heating etc. Research and development need to be funded for fuel cell development and other energy related area, be it storage, transmission or efficient use.

7. Growth, prosperity and security are directly dependent and proportional to availability of energy and its sustainance. To achieve this we need to be free from any dependence on continuous import of technology/equipments, their spare parts and lastly but most importantly fuel and reprocess of atomic fuel.

8.. We need to promote the concept of optimal uses and minimum abuses/wastage and not just saving. Produce little more than optimum to maintain the surplus and overflowing of energy (The same concept we practice in our prayer/puja, the overflowing of Kalash- the energy).

9. We with abundance of energy from sun, wind, water, can become energy-secured much earlier than expected. Solution of energy requirement is in the air, water and sun.

Gravitation force and levitation force (Energy) are opposite, natural rhythm of these gives happy and easy life.