Some say,“If one bucket is overflowing then other will remain dry”. It is said that “famines are the result of bad Prabandhan (Management) or arrangement”, similarly it can be said about „poverty‟, otherwise nature has given more than the required to sustain its nature.

It is the mass poverty and massive difference between riches and ordinaries at first place, which causes subjugation of any society, and further add to its mass poverty. It is contrary to general belief that enslavement of society at first place causes poverty of general public. To maintain the freedom at large it is necessary to reduce or remove poverty and poverty causing phenomenon, whether it is religious (like it is result of ill doing in the last birth, or the doors of god is for poor, or it is good to give alms in Ramjan month or taking alms is kingly, as king Gautam Buddha, and king Mahaveer also taken it) along with social (richness is burden, and it is poor who can sleep well).

Alms taker (Bhikari) had rarely reached to richness. Those who depend on Alms, donations, and subsidy hardly make up to decent living. It is observed that middle class, rich and even billionaire take advantage of these subsidies, donations by manipulation and further add to their fortune, leaving poor more poor.

Religious discussion will be promoted to erase the concept that poverty is once birth right and death destiny.Government will initiate discussions on above to come out at conclusion along with course of action to follow, so as to reduce or erase abject poverty.We need to see that difference in income between top and bottom worker in any sector (government or private) does not increase by more than fifteen times. This gap has to be reduced either by raising lower or lowering raised or by both and this can vary from sector to sector.

Government will have to promote Act of Living and Art of Living for harmonious society as it has been said that

Nahi garib sam dukh jag mahi,
Sant Milan sam sukh jag nahi.

There is no sorrow like poverty and there is no happiness like being with saints.