Pollution is accumulation of undesired at desired place or accumulation of something where it is not required. Such accumulation whether it is in air, water or land causes disturbance in the natural balances not only of air, water, earth but also of fire and free space i.e. the overall eco-system.

For air pollution

1. Basic cause is burning of large quantity of fuels, which will have to be tackled by use of efficient automobile, efficient combustion at other places, basically by efficiency improvement in all the burning and proper discharge of waste and dead animals.

2. Stoppage of encouragement of consumerism in automobile and electrical sector, easy availability of loan for using these, has to be reviewed.

3. Decongestion of cities/metros will have to be taken up. Concept of standardized city needs to be planned, discussed, reviewed and implemented.

4. Tree plantation has to be improved and tree cutting will have to be allowed where it is causing hurdles in traffic and in turn adding to pollution.

5. Decibel limits of automobile and other honking will have to be implemented at the manufacturing level itself. Excessive use of honking/loudspeakers needs to be restricted(by monetory fines)

6. Optimization (minimization) of wastage and optimization of uses will have to be encouraged in energy sector in place of conservation of energy and simply hiking the tariff.Research and developement will have to be encouraged to find out special plant/tree for special discharge in the industry. In industries concept of plantation on fences and poles will have to be encouraged.

7. Resarch and development will have to be encouraged for control of pollution in mining area and ash disposal system of coal power plants, refineries, petrochemical and fertilizer plants etc.

For water pollution

1. Pollution treatment plant will have to be discussed for implementation at area level and even on individual house level (kitchen waste water can be treated and reused in toilet flush, for watering gardens, etc).

2. Religious bodies, which regard rivers, wells, ponds, lakes etc., as sacrosanct, (Previously urinating or toileting in water bodies were looked as unethical, but now we started discharging even sewerage in river) will have to be encouraged to take care of pollution in water bodies. If we can manage our rivers and water bodies free from pollution, then hardly this issue is important for large section of our society.

3. In tropical countries problem of water treatment is less in comparison to colder countries, because of fast oxidation in hotter area. So more effort is required at colder places like Himalaya, Antarctica, etc. to maintain pollution at minimum.

For Nuclear and asbestos waste:

It has to be stored in no-man (Barron) Island after digging deep and then making layers of cement concrete. It needs not to be disposed in third world country or in sea or in space.

For land pollution

1. Polythene will have to be utilized in road making. Scavenger will have to be utilized to segregate the waste and earn by supplying scrap to process industries, and biological waste to prepare the biological manure.

2. Architecture service will have to be improved in town and country planning, for utilization of natural sun light, air circular and solar heating [For efficient use of electricity.

Healing the healer by respecting five elements, i.e. space, water, air, fire and earth, and darshan (philosophy) of “kunye ka paani kunye mein jaaye hamare kapde sookh jaye” (let well water go to well and dry our clothes) will have to be the basis of maintaining environment and ecology.