If you want to break a man or a community, then break their faith, and best way to do is to break their faith (religios) centres-Mandir, Masjid and Church etc. or make them defunct/inactive. And if you want to unite a men or a community then make their faith (religios) centres (Mandir, Masjid and Church etc.) or make them active and operational i.e. reconstruct their religious centre. Mandir, Masjid- Man Ke Utkrishtam Pratifalan Hain (Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara are the most beautiful expression of human head and heart). Construction of worship place follows more or less posture of sitting female in padmasan. Manifestation of highest expression of heart and head is Temple, Mosque and Gurudwara, and are the door for further exploration and expressions. Condition of individuals, societies, group or countries temple and mosque (prayer place) indicates the condition of its individual, society, group or country as a whole. If the condition of place of worship is dirty and in dilapidated condition, so will be the condition of that group, or society. If the condition of temple Mosque, Gurudwara is in harmony, rhythm, synch and energized, apart from being clean (as the basic requirement) the condition of its visitors will also be good and in the same way shows them good path.

1. By appreciating the condition of places of worship of Hindu, Jain, Christian and Muslims, we can appreciate the condition of these communities.

2. Both of these are interdependent and directly proportional- i.e. if condition of community improves, or if the condition of place of worship improves then the condition of the other will also improve. Wiseman asks us to take shorter steps i.e. improve condition of place of worship to improve upon the condition of our country and society.

3. Government will have to provide initially support for cleanliness of all major places of worship from block level onward at first, then from village level. Government will have to encourage these places of worship to be in charge of area cleanliness. In place of government offices of so called welfare state which have miserably failed in providing basic services of food, visitor shelter, exercise, music, cow shelter, education health and hygiene to its people across the globe people have to come forward and develop religious institutions as the center of growth and happiness.

4. Government will have to encourage the place of worship to add further responsibility, in an integrative way e.g. Pakshala, Pathshala, Dharmshala, Vyayamshala, Arogyashala, Sainya-shala, Sangeetshala, Gaushala, sanyas-ashram and Brhamcharya ashram (Lunger, education, visitor shelter, gymnasium, health center, defense training center, music-center and cow selter along with place for people in Sanyas and bhramcharya ashram), without any discrimination and in total Dharma Nirpeksha way.

5. Mode of prayer in last four hundred year has changed drastically previously at the time of Kabir it was:

Kankar pather jor kar masjid layi banaye,
Ta char mulla bangh de kya bahra hua khuday? (Masjid got erected with sand and babble, sitting on it priest shout, is god a deaf?).
Now the situation is:
Kankar pather jor kar mandir/masjid laye banaye,
Ta par loud-speaker bangh de, kya bahro karo sabay? (Mandir/Masjid got erected with sand and babble, sitting on it loud speaker shout, is there plan to deafen all.
We all have to come forward to contain noise pollution coming from Mandir/Masjid/Gurudwara etc.

6. Wise people say, as there are lifespan to all individuals similar is the case with temples, mosques, Churches etc.

Life of the temples, mosques, and churches can be ascertained by energy level of that place and number of visitors it has is the indication. Govt. with its own funds will have to renovate, support and may reconstruct all such places whether it is Ajmer Sharif, Nizammuddin Aulia Mazar, or whether it is Varanasi Shiv temple or Ajodhya Shri Ram temple. In all such places where government will directly intervene, will make religious study center of world religion at that place and this will to be done without ifs and buts. Such places will be opened for entire humanity without any untouchability. Places with equal number of visitors will be converted into integrated religious centers cum and religious study centre and it will be made along with major religious construction activity in Ajodhya.

7. Ajodhya as a place has vibrancy, dynamism and energy level to be religious capital, a capital to cater all type of religious need of the people of all branches of Dharma the Sanatana (e.g. Hindu, Muslim Christian, Buddha, Jews etc.) of India as well as of the world. In coming days our effort will be in the direction that Ajodhya became centre to convert world as living paradise.

8. Place of workship are required for human to become himself as temple/mosque (Where-in requirement to move outside for finding peace and solace, heath and happiness ceases) and s/he can pray any where and may be people also come to him for performing prayer.

For those whom karma (Work) is worship, there work place is temple and for those whom Dhyan is puja for them everywhere is temple.