On the pillars of an innate and basic faith there are four phases of development of society and country’s civilization. First is Arth, then Kam (sex work–the physical love), then Religion (mental love), and then Moksha (Freedom). It is further said that, it is the Arth, the means and meanings of earning which decide the goal or ultimate of civilization. It is the means the Arth which decides whether one (individual or country) will remain stuck up at first phase, or will reach to second phase or third phase or not. It is further the first phase the Arth (means & money) which decides the fate of society and country and its limit of stuck up at first, second, third phase or reaching to fourth phase, the ultimate.

It is further said that the golden top of the temple (peak of civilization) is built upon base, the Arth by the pillars of Kam, religion. Denial of importance to any phase makes the (temple) civilization crumble down. It is generally happens that when one reaches to the top, she/he start undermining importance of those who are at different levels of development and also forgets its -a natural duty to give respect and provide pulling force to others, consequentially such people and such civilisation may at the top fall down.

It is observed that crumbled civilization generally talks of their once upon supremacy and for sufficient time remains in that amnesia (nostalgic feeling), and others used to take away even the scrap of the crumbled richness to build their empire, leaving the occupant in amnesia and making them more weak, helpless. For starting or restarting or for mending and amending: We have to form group to sit together and visualize and set the goal with respectable time frame. The group may be inclusion of all masters of their field, like Judges and convicts, criminals and saints, so as to make an integrative approach. We have to facilitate the group to devise the means and method, as clearer are the intentions, easier and happier is the journey (Niyat saph to manzil asaan) and seemingly effortless accomplishment of goal. As the base so will be the building. In hurry to reach at the top we should not erect shirking tower of babble, we have to build that which last long which have strong base of mutual trust, cooperation and faith.

Present scenario of the world indicates that only global vision will sustain in the coming times; so effort has to be made to have global vision and mission, role and responsibilities for the benefit of local as well for global.

We must finalize the things with appropriate discussion and planning, and implement the same maintaining proper prayer of Almighty.