1) Strange and paradoxical things do happen in the nature and our history has its sufficient record. Deterioration in Bharat appeared after the exaggeration of nonviolence by Buddha and mahavir and now, improvement started after the non-violence movement by Gandhiji and his followers.

“The very cause by which downfall started in Bharat also become the cause of upward trend.”

2) Ultimately game is decided by the power/strength, if power is with bad people/ rakshas/asur/daitya/danav than society will be fearful, lawless, suppressed etc. and if the power/strength is with good people/Devta than of course society will be with full of goodness.

3) When Mahaveer Jain was asked by a person “that everybody says that one should have strength and awareness, what is your views, Mahaveer Jain replied that perhaps in my opinion “it is good that bad people remain weak and unaware and it is good that good people remain powerful, in strength and be aware (do not know how and when this exaggeration of nonviolence breeds in the Jains of the country).

4) All opposes violence as fun, or killing for fun, Allah loved not the aggressor, nor did Krishna start war. Who so- ever become Adharmic (unreligious-Kafir) needs punishment. Dharmayuddh/Jihad (war) is a requirement if large group or particular section of society start following or supporting the Adharmic (non religious) practices. In all such Dharmayuddh Jihad/war the top leader does not kill anybody with his own hands, like Krishna. Such only, can remain nonviolent even at the centre of war; otherwise people support non-violence of common and violence of particular (of police and Army).

5) Fighting in life always continues, even in our body, white cell continues to remain in war with virus and bacteria, and as such peace is achieved only when one is reduced to pieces i.e. at death.

What is generally achieved is rhythm and is the one we need to aim at. Government will have to take an integrated approach on all the above and encourage its efforts for rhythm internally and externally.