Parliament has turned out to be ghost house with so many statues in each corner. Presence of so many statues had replaced the parliament into un-lively institution. One statue of Bharat-Mata may be considered more than sufficient; photo frame of god and goddess phrases from The Gita, Quran, Gurubani, etc. will give better composition and liveliness, besides being true institution of Dharma Nirpeksha country.

Many feel that Parliament and Supreme Court are two last symbols of British proxy presence and need to be demolished and a newer system based on basic tenet of all the religion, which is dynamic and vibrant with nature, has to be initiated and built.

If we feel that country should move away from the concept of “winner takes all and likes to add the services of second and third position holder in the national election, then we have to consider for new additions of parliament and such parliament must be opened up in different parts of country.