Tantra says those who are in perfect order, if says anything becomes an order, and only those who are in order have the authority to order.

Any systems (even machines), which are not in order, cannot follow orders. Giving order to un-orderly or order given by un-orderly systems and individuals, create further disorder, “There solution supply problems and each new invention create further intervention”.

The Statement: "The need is the mother of invention, changes in disorderly system to that need is the baby or daughter of invention".

Tantra suggests one hundred twelve ways for bringing oneself and system in order. These twelve hundred ways are all-inclusive and contain all process of all religion and all time (past, present and future, and are tested.

1. To execute anything orders are required. When one in order, i.e. when one is in consonance with nature (environment weather, surrounding and situation) then only orders are followed and as such fulfilled by the human system. When one is not in order, it is rarest that right order can be given and executed by un-orderly or disorderly system. When one is not in order even sneezing cannot take place by any order. In an orderly system one does not have any stress, strain any barrier of wishes and desires, and it is like perfect electrical system, wherein by switching on, bulb glows, and it is even more so as electrical system also provides energy/power required for the glow.

2. Society is to promote and encourage the process and practice for bringing itself and government in order so that order are respected and followed.

3. Those who are in order will have to take the seat of power, or of guidance, critic or of conscious keeper or all in one. We will have to examine the system and remove the barriers causing disorder. In orderly system people will reject orders, which are not in order and accept which/those are in order.

Let us pray the almighty for us to be in order.