Generally static definitions are given even for dynamics of life, but how a static definition can explain or be fitted into dynamics of life?

Dynamics of life can be explained by dynamic definition only and can be appreciated in following two ways.

A) People who believe in the evolution theory and practice, for them, human mind is ever expanding and increasing in physical size, here dynamism takes place in the form of:

Here development does not take place in one generation only, but keeps on from generation to generation. Each new baby looks from the shoulder of its parents and so look further. Young generation takes the task from where old have left, and in that way take full advantage of elders’ experience. It can be said that young’s forward journey depends on elder’s completed journey. Each new invention takes place on the base of older inventions, and in this way no invention can be said to be original. For each present achievement even lives, we are obliged to old and hence duty bound to pay the debts to our parents and whole society.

The profounder of this theory says, “Human is fruiting of entire evolution process and humanity is the development of this process, that is in this fruit (seed) entire evolution is hidden”.

B) Sages and seers give credit to their Gurus and Gurus to their Gurus and finally to master or the first Guru, the Brahaspati, and Brahaspati says he has seen it with The Brahma and ‘Brahma’ says, he has experienced it from ‘Brahma’ (the cosmos) itself- the dynamic and ever expanding universe. In a way profounder of this theory says there is nothing new under the sun and in the universe.

In this regard followings are submitted:

In both ways, older are regarded as the base and the wise.

We will have to take care of our old and wise, a respectable lot, by maintaining age-old eastern concept of joint family and ashram Vyavastha.Government will have to provide respectable shelter to its older generation who does not have son/daughter. For those whose son/daughter does not take care of its parents, government will provide respectable space, and for this it will take away twenty five percent of children’s earnings (as their debt towards their parents and as punishment for running away from their responsibility).

Government will have to take the help of wise and old in its various institutions, and in its various functions of respect. Government will also encourage the religious institutions, to find ways and means to get the society benefited from the service of old and wise.

Government will have to promote wisdom centers, where new technology/theory will be sent for clearance before application to see its usability, side effect and overall impact.

Government will also have to promote regional centers of creative and suggestive work bank being run by wise and old. All the so-called new invention takes place on the base of wisdom of older generation, feedback of society, imagination and intuition provided by nature; claiming any authority and entire ownership of any new addition is utter nonsense and foolishness of intelligence and accepting such claims is more so. Bharat and entire East with its golden past and master creator deny any claim of anybody or any country on any wisdom (intellectual) property right or law.

Twig cannot fall without the permission of whole tree. All inventions are guided by humanity and result of all such invention belongs to the entire humanity. Entire Intellectual property right and patent law have no ground and have to be done away with.