A report on clinical business in China says, “with the current life style and eating habit (fast life, fast food), thirty percent of urban population will always suffer from obesity and out of this thirty percent, fifty percent people will resort to obesity clinic. To cater this large no. of obese patients, large no of obesity clinics will be required and as such this business will bring good prospects. In other parts of the world another report says that with growing disparity among rich and poor, poverty will also increase at the same rate as that of grass domestic produce (GDP) of that country. This poverty will result in starvation/malnutrition, and it will offer good job to missionaries and charitable trusts.What an economic planning, medicine and charity as a business? Since medical, charity and missionary as a business is allowed to grow and glorified, so also illness/disease is allowed and promoted to grow, what a shame? National planners of the country are requested to go through this paradigm and plan for future.

1) Obesity and mal nutrition are also the result of broken ashram and Varna vyavastha (division of life style and caste/class). As a natural concept, one in the age of Grihastha ashram and one in work of business earn and fulfill the requirement of all others, one in family and other in the society. But currently people in their age of Grihastha ashram and people in their work of business are taking more and eating more and leaving others very disproportionate to their requirement. These are causing obesity in the age group of twenty four years to forty eight years, and in the class of business and malnutrition to all others. If we wish to have healthy family and healthy society we need to correct our ashram and Varna vyavastha.

2) Planning and its execution will be promoted in education, industry and service sector to include physical activity as a necessary part, either as ‘work in’ or ‘work out’. Dance a day keeps the doctor away.

3) Food with preservatives preserves food in stomach too and causes indigestion. Use of artificial preservatives has to be restricted and general use of natural preservatives has to be reduced. What is sold in schools and office canteen needs to be monitored. It is observed that fatty people eat very fast where as to maintain the health eating and drinking has to be slow. For food It is said ‘drink solid and eat liquid(chew the food so much that it become liquid and gulp the water like it is solid banana).Eating and drinking if possible has to be done by sitting calmly on the cushioned floor or on table chair, but eating and drinking in standing posture has to be avoided.

4) Obesity is not a cause of eating, but a cause of inefficient discharge Eastern toilet also gives acupressure at the back of knee and causes ease in evacuation. Eastern toilets and toiletry need more promotion. Moreover toileting in sitting or standing posture is for disesed and animals. Healthy society need to use healthy way of urinating and toileting. Western commod is one of the main reasons of fatty, unhealthy people in metros and big cities and this need correction and to be taken care off.

5) Banayan and Pipal tree keeps growing as it takes/make food during day and night whereas other trees and plant make food in the day only. In making food, trees takes carbon (through carbon dioxide in the air) and leave oxygen to the environment. This carbon which trees takes then converts into glucose/fructose or sap of the tree through photosynthesis which animal including human take (carbon -glucose/fructose) from eating. From air human take oxygen and after respiration leave carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon in the carbon dioxide which human leave in the air as is the major source of weight loss and if we maintain our breathing (deep and long) we can maintain our physique.

6) Lunger in the concept of Nanak has to be promoted as lunger, Annakute, Quran khani or feast to deal with mal (ill) nutrition.

Gross domestic product which causes enhancement in all direction (richness, poverty, theft, dacoity, criminal, etc,) indicates our chaotic national and international character. To improve the overall situation, the term G.D.P. needs merger with from the term grosses happiness ratio-GHR.