Bhishm Pitamah (Mahabharata time) life indicates how dangerous it is to be tied up with oath.

Many say oaths are taken to break it, and many say oaths are taken to make others believe and then cheat them or get cheated.

If at all oath is considered necessary then swearing in the name of god is sufficient.

Generally religion and religious text do not ask us to take any oath.

1. Oath taking ceremony of selected/elected and nominated members is to be replaced with agreement, and self-commitment statement.

2. Taking oath in court has to be stopped without any substitute, as it is self-contradictory.

3. Generally oath-taking functions in school/govenment sector jobs need to be replaced with self-commitment statement and need to be obligatory. It looks laughable when same oath is repated year after year e.g. Oath ceremony- against corrupation, against terrorism etc, this needs to be stopped with. In place of these oaths self signatory commitment is sufficient.