Bharat the Greatest democracy of the world chose to remain democratic and Dharma Nirpeksha, and the largest population of Muslims in the world (who chose to remain in Bharat in the assured security and love of their neighbors-Hindus-during partition) and largest population of Hindus in the world along with Christians, Jews, Parsis and other religions originated in Bharat, will remain Dharma Nirpeksha and guide the world to follow it.

Bharat will have to promote internal as well as external discussions, of Dharma Nirpekshta As a custodian and of Dharma Nirpekshta and its practice Bharat will have to nullify any adversity in its path and will have to promote Dharma Nirpekshta internationally.

Bharat has to guide the Muslim countries for Dharma Nirpekshta. Bharat, being home of largest Muslim population is natural leader of Muslim as well. Government will view the scenario wherein churches become free from the clutches of Christian countries and stop paying zazia kar, i.e.contribution that churches give to Vatican.

We will have to review the above points and may think of creating county like Vatican to promote Dharma Nirpekshta around the globe through temples, Mosques, Churches Gurudwaras, etc.