They say: love your instant neighbour, as one cannot leave it. It is always better to love thy neighbour. And for us, few of the part are formed by our separated brother and sister, and as such we cannot call them neighbours in exact term. More over it is historical fact that, whosoever born in time dies in time, is it a person or a nation.

1. Pakistan and Bangladesh are our separated brothers, as the door of parental home is always open for all brothers and sisters; hence any one or all are welcomed and if coming with information then red carpet needs to be opened.

2. Bangladeshi issue needs to be dumped, as nobody can be called illegal at its parental home.

3. Collectively and secretly top leaders need to interact that how few countries have encouraged the business of hate among us and by taking advantage of one type or other from us, looting and befooling us.

4. A five star hotel in the vicinity of huts is a blot. We need to develop strategy and plan for collective development and collective growth and happiness.

5. Chinese products are said to be cheap, it is reported this cheapness in product brought by sucking blood of helpless labour in the very country who once echoed the sentiment and tries to become champions of the labourer. China needs to take humanitarian view on it and care for its citizens including prisioner. India and China two most popular (atleast from the time of Buddha, LaoTzu and Confusious) and populous nation need to take care more of its people than world population and need to collaborate, co-operate and ensure that the world survives, in a so called constant threat of nuclear annihilation.

6. Common border, common currency, common transport and common communication can be discussed and thought of between Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar and India the larger Bharat.

7. Joint patrolling on border, common tourist plan will be beneficial for all and need to be taken up on priority. Differences submerged not in the discussion but in the stream of love and magnanimity of ocean, Bharat the Sanatana have to follow Sanatana view, attitude, behavior in words and deeds for collective happy state. When the family separate and family members become neighbours, it is pitiable to watch the family members becoming neighbours and indulge in enmity. Sudden spurt of hate-hostility, frustration-fights, anger-aggression, weeping-war at the base and underlying love are natural outcome and we all have to watch such situation.

As the hearts vibrates at the vibration of same wavelength, hope always remains for unification.

It is true for Hindustan (India), Pakistan Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives, and Myanmar–The Bharat (busy in enlightenment).