Money is money is money,

They say; Taka hi karmam Taka hi dharmam, Taka hi moksh pradayate,
Taka Bin taktakam taki, tak tak taktayate.

“Money is karma, money is Dharma, money is Moksha (freedom) Provider without money one is in doubt and fearful and watch with hope in stillness”. Money less, tick, tick, tak, tak one watches the watch or sky. Other say money is energy, and it provides energy to even rat (Panchatantra Story), snakes sit at it and keep watch on it. Kuber is respected, and the Goddess Laxmi we all pray and offer prayer to her.

We have a saying on pleasure that ‘First pleasure is health and second is wealth, and all Dharm Granthas say in one way or other, on money I.e. Nahin Garib Sam Dukh Jag Mahin, Sant Milan Sam Sukh Jag Nahin. “There is no sorrow like poverty, and there is no pleasure like meeting saints.

Moreover if we watch international scenario or even social scanario then we have to say that generally Stage has arrived, wherein all golden rules are getting dust and the 'rule of gold is the master'.

With all these sayings, it is really surprising, that, why and how we have gone poor, and are still considered so.Our economy will only prosper/boost once we find out the root cause of our poverty, moneylessness or less money.We have not fought any major war after the great Mahabharata. After war, remaining the winner, its clan and offspring remained in amnesia and so people got weaker and weaker, with no real work and only stories of Ram katha and great Bhag-wat katha. It is obviously boring to Krishna and Ram to listen this much without real Karma, whereas we all know it is‟ the karma all along the way.

1. It was somewhat started with the invention of zero, and giving prominence to it. The fact remains, zero is only valuable if it is placed after any number, on its own it has no value or zero value.

2. By discarding the kingdom and then becoming saint and then start living on bhiksha, (alms) by Buddha gave rise to general feeling that having money is curse, and these kings were so vociferous and convincing that it was appearing to be proven. This had unfortunately given respect to begging and even sometimes beggars equate themselves with king.

3. Some Dharma Granthas say; blessed are the poor, Kingdom of God is for them; this has further glorifies the poverty in the masses and as such acceptance of the same.

4. Few people started saying that poverty is the result of sins being done in the last birth and hence it acquired the accepted helplessness and these further started adding that saint’s blessing can change the scenario and thus began circus of thugs, looters so called miracle/magic makers, which further distanced the common man from real karma/brevity.

5. Many say that money spoils the character and so not having that is a better option.

6. Many criticize others for having money, but at the same time pray to god having money, but if money presented itself to these classes, they find excuses to return it or runaway from it. Such contradictory requests are never executed by nature.

7. Some religions say remember the almighty in public for at least five times a day and there follower, hardly get time to earn that much, but these also despise others having it. Is there any problem in remembering more or all the time and working and earning more?

8. Nanak says; Kaj karo Batt chakho Nam japo. Society, which follows, "Do work, eat together, and remember the almighty “, is surprisingly growing rich and richer. In others, especially Vaishya community does have richness, but our culture ethos has taken such a shape that having money, and be spendthrift and showy, considered to be ill and hellish activity. All such classes who have got to have access of money, used to hide it from the public view even if it was wasted or taken by other.

9. Money is money. Present government in spite of putting efforts to find avenue for all the money to be in circulation, started giving name to money ‘black and white’ and in a way it is hindrance to the flow of money (the goddess Luxmi). Once money is assigned as the black, it becomes focus of criticism with all types of harassment and is forced for hidden storage and somewhat hidden circulation. All such money which could not be easily accounted for, and can give bad name, starts getting deposited and used in a place or country, which claims to offer respect, secrecy, security and safety to all such accounts and account holders. To a rough estimate it is said that deposits in such bank and such countries exceeds few lac crores. This is so huge that a country can enjoy from its interest only (there are small-small countries (Islands), which have been specially created for such type of operation).

It can be said that countries like ours are really a pitiable lot, at least we must have sympathy with us and we must help ourselves. At one place we are saying we are poor and at other place, few countries are running on only interest of our people’s money; what a contradiction, what a shame to our definition of black money! Money is money. Giving shed to it, Black and White, is the height of our nonsensical intelligent. It is law and order in efficiency, or rather sheds in law and order (black and white). Such people by virtue of being powerful passed the buck to the baby. Whatsoever may be the mode of inter course babies always have respect of god, and similar is case with money that money is always respected.

Babies are always the creation of god, discarder of any baby is always being punished in nature, in more than one way, but secretly. Money created by bad means or baby created in brothel (prostitute centre) has to be accepted and respected and also to be respected in society. We have to respect the money, and plug the loop holes in our law and order so that brothel does not grow.

Our Banking will have to provide secret, safe and secure counter like locker in line with Swiss bank or better.