Anything new is called modern and when one continues to trade in this modern thing, it becomes tradition. Trading of the same thing in more or less same way for more than three generations becomes tradition. Any moderation in the above trading by other trade of same place or of other place (religion and regional practices) become modern and practice of this new found variation is called modernization.

In addition to religion and regional tradition mixing, modernization also takes place when nature provides new item like petroleum fuel or production of electricity or of wireless transmission of electromagnetic wave. In such modernization entire regions and all religions get modified by these new found variants. With the fast development in scientific area, trading which used to become tradition in at least three generations is now getting yearly variation with wide and quick global interconnectivity.

1. Generally all new/young come with a lot of kinetic energy and so appears spreading fast whereas old has a lot of potential energy and so it allows the new to pass on or to settle down. It is seen that it is not always the ‘old is gold and new is bold’ we have to take both in our careful fold.

2. We need to request the media to screen all the newfound advertisement for its suitability to society for large-scale benefit.

3. We need to continue promoting time tested living style i.e. simple eating, local living and global reach.

4. We will have to watch the intermingling of various cultures in harmonious way, and will have to support time tested culture to propagate for entire human race.

We will have to set up a society of wise-men for screening of new arrivals as well as of existing trade practices for the larger benefit to mankind.