Whoever gives gets supremacy, male appears to be following supremacy because it gives more in the family, and this is the reason of patriarchal system in our age and time. For this to continue man has to continue with its giving attitude and actions.It is observed that female gives only when she is a mother; in all other relations she expects and behaves as taker. If anybody wants to take anything from a woman, they have to show motherly posture toward women; especially saints understand this and so get most from the females in kinds, blessing, well wishes and followings.

Various women organizations, which are championing the cause of womanhood, are turning out to be miserable lot, they want more and more, forgetting the basic woman characteristics of womanhood i.e. to give to their babies. Surrendering to such a lot and giving woman Bhasmasur rights/ blessings (self burning) are not only dangerous to males but entire family and society at large.

Until the good time comes when women folk also get full exposure in life (at least first exposure of father and mother at birth) they will need more care.

Maintaining a balance between Bhagwan (parents: the God) and Bhagyawan (wife: the luck) will be a real challenge for males and the entire society.