Generally it is said: “No news is good news”, and from the present trend of media coverage this statement gets reaffirmed. From the past where media used to be medium which reflect the various incidents as mirror, now takes the centre stage as a destroyer or maker of life/society.

1) Media destroys, if it wants and if wants, it makes the hero and add glory in the stardom. It has taken such a powerful stage wherein, it can afford to take bribes from, police and politician, and sometime judges as well, what to talk of small Government employee or private business man.

2) Media has to come out from the present trend of you tell me the news, I will tell you the source of funding”, or you give advertisement and media will mould itself to the wishes. Media must come out with six monthly source of funding and it has to be more transparent.

3) Media has to come out from its sadistic behavior and attitude, (news of theft, dacoits and killing at first page) and shift toward as spreader of happiness. Media for itself has to come out with certain ethical code where in it does not promote ambulance chaser journalist and blood showing cameramen. Government will have to support national and international media network to spread happiness throughout the world.

4) To become number-one newspaper by the count of pages is indirectly being involved in spreading pollution. Newspaper needs to behave maturely, and there is no need for newspaper to see its penetration by its viewer ship (of model), newspaper is just for reading. News need not be told in noisy way, and views need not to be expressed loudly, they can be said and expressed in calm and quite way.

5) Media personal being communicator of society deserves better deal from society, not by bargaining and forgery but out of compassion and as duty of society government will have to provide substantial insurance cover and sustenance (if situation arises) to its family, without submitting to media barons.

6) This so called fourth pillar of democracy got strengthened, even when other pillars have gone little weaker so it is obvious that media take larger responsibilities of correcting and making country and society.

7) Foreign investment in media shows news of rising Sensex of Mumbai stock exchange even when Mumbai is drowning in flood(simply unconcerned for local and national issues) and is useless, counterproductive and dangerous. Country media need to be owned and operated by countrymen only however its international branch can have shares of non-resident citizens.

Media must understand that freedom and responsibilities go hand in hand. Media has to behave Dharma Nirpeksha and torchbearer of national unity and international brotherhood feeling.